Madison High is an American television pilot and a High School Musical 3: Senior Year spin-off that was in production for the Disney Channel in the United States. Written by Lester Lewis, executive producer of Jonas L.A., and directed by Disney Channel Original Movie director Paul Hoen, director of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, Madison High began production for the pilot episode in March 2011. This would have been the first time that a Disney Channel Original Series is based on a Disney Channel Original Movie and the first crossover/spin-off between a Disney Channel Original Movie and a Disney Channel Original Series. Since Dog With a Blog, starring G. Hannelius, who portrayed Wednesday in Madison High, was picked up by Disney Channel to be a series, Madison High is unlikely to be ordered into a series.

Cast and characters

Main characters

  • Devin Daniels (played by Luke Benward) – a confident, laid-back athletics expert with more intelligence than he lets on. Even though he's masculine and athletic in motocross, he yearns for something more.
  • Wednesday Malone (played by G. Hannelius) – an overachiever driven to be an actress. So focused on success, she skipped a grade or two and tries to look older than she actually is.
  • Peyton Hall (played by Leah Lewis) – an indie-rock band member at Madison High. She is a fiercely independent, witty socialite, and a natural actress unaware of her talent.
  • Cherry O'Keefe (played by Katherine McNamara) – a future-chic fashionista who found stardom among her peers by starting an extremely popular high school website. Initially shy, she has morphed into a self-entitled celebrity who will do anything to get what she wants. She's also the villain and is similar to Sharpay Evans.
  • Harvey Flynn (played by Mark Indelicato) – a know-it-all perfectionist who is president of the drama club and a stage manager. With his sights on Broadway, Harvey will do anything to get his way.
  • Colby Baker (played by Nolan Sotillo) – an eccentric otaku and the cousin of Peyton who sees the world like a comic-book. Obsessed with manga, he is a great artist but shy about his talent.

Recurring characters

  • Ms. Darbus (played by Alyson Reed) – the drama teacher who gets relocated from East High to Madison High. She occasionally mentions the characters from the High School Musical films.

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