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"Mages & Mazes" is the first segment of the fifty-fourth episode of Big City Greens.


When the kids play a role-playing game at Remy’s, his rules lead to conflict.


Cricket, Tilly and Kiki find themselves invited to Remy's mansion via letters carried by ravens. Vasquez takes them to a secret room made up to look like a medieval dungeon and discover that Remy has brought them together to play Mages & Mazes, a tabletop role playing game. While Kiki shows excitement, Cricket and Tilly move in with trepidation, but slowly accept it. Cricket becomes a warrior named Bufflegs McSwole, Kiki chooses to be an elf archer named Diamondbowl the Dazzler and Tilly becomes a wizard named Schmelfo who can only turn into a cat. With Remy as the Mage Master, the group set off on their journey.

The trio end up in Big Village where they meet a warrior who refuses to speak with them. Diamondbowl manages to use her influence to get him to tell them of a dragon that lives in a cave nearby. Despite him telling them that they should visit the forest first, the impatient trio decide to head straight into the cave. Bufflegs disregards the Mage Master's warning of traps and immediately falls into one. Despite Diamondbowl using her magic to find more hidden traps, her role was off by one and they fall into another. Schmelfo ends up falling into a pit after failing to land a jump and the group encounter other misfortunate moments. They finally reach the treasure room, but it is guarded by a dragon. Due to its difficulty, the trio attack it outside of the established rules.

Remy, fed up, has Vasquez carry him away to his room. Cricket, Tilly and Kiki are left to do whatever they want without the rules While looking over the notes, Cricket is shocked to learn that Remy had put a lot of work and effort into the adventure and they feel bad for how they treated him. Using the logic from the game, the three venture through the mansion until they reach Remy's room. Through the illusions of their characters, they apologize for how they acted, but inform Remy that he needs to acknowledge that because they are new to the game that he should have adjusted the rules for beginners. Remy returns and they play the game, this time with more freedom and lots of fun. Schmelfo in cat form suddenly appears to inform the viewer that the episode is over.



  • The title, as well as the game played, are both references to famous table-top game Dungeons & Dragons.
  • This is the first episode with a title that's longer than two words.
  • This is the first episode that Kiki has a major role.
  • Moral: Everything is much more fun when you include everyone.

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