The Magic Typewriter is an object in the Disney Channel series The Evermoor Chronicles. It is found by Tara Crossley in the Beacon who, unbeknowing of its magic, conjures up a goat.


When Tara Crossley firsts finds the typewriter, she is in the Beacon and bored so decides to write 'Tara had a creepy goat, its fleece as black as night. When she saw its evil eyes, Tara screamed with fright.' Just then, a goat matching that description appeared under the desk. Then Tara grabbed the typewriter and ran out of the Beacon, trapping the goat inside.

Back at Evermoor Manor, she shows Seb as she writes 'Tara had a nice, pink frog, that did not scare her.' A pink frog appears after they leave the room as Seb doesn't believe her.

Tara later discovers that the only reason the typewriter is making things come true is because it has the remaining golden thread inside. Then she writes 'Cameron goes crazy for Tara.' Cameron then goes crazy for Tara.

When Tara finds Aunt Bridget in the Beacon, very much alive, Bridget explains to her that the magic typewriter is not a toy, and that she had the remaining golden thread all along. Anything made by the typewriter lasts only a day, when it fades but can be restored by the thread. Permanent things are sewn into the tapestry.

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