"Magical Misery" is a 1947 Donald Duck comic story.


Huey, Dewey, and Louie wake up Donald to show him a trick: they make a playing card disappear and it appears under his hat. Since Donald doesn't know they put the card under his hat while he was asleep, he decides to make his own tricks to get even, and buys a magic equipment.

Several days of practice later, Donald shows a magic number for the kids. He takes a rabbit out of a hat, then throws the rabbit to a grinding machine but it emerges intact, and puts Bolivar in a cage where he cuts him with a saw, but Bolivar emerges in one piece.

Donald decides to show the number to Daisy, but his nephews discover and sabotage his tricks: Dewey hides under the table where the rabbit actually came from, and Donald ends taking Dewey from the hat; without a rabbit, Donald throws Daisy's purse to the grinder, but Huey puts a doorstopper under the hidden pedal that stops the grinder, so it grinds the purse; for the cut-in-half trick, the saw lacks the serrated blade at the center, so Louie puts a dented cardboard in its place, and when Donald is cut by Daisy (as she refuses to be the one cut), Donald feels the dents and asks Daisy to stop. Believing Donald was actually going to cut her, Daisy leaves him.

Donald angrily follows his nephews, but they make a deal: if they cut Dewey with the saw, he must leave them go. Donald accepts, believing the saw is real and thinking they won't dare. They use the saw with Dewey not getting any damage, and then run away before their uncle finds the saw was just a cardboard piece

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