Maharajah Jungle Trek is a self-guided walking tour of native Asian wildlife in Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park.

Adventure into the wilds of the mystical Anandapur Royal Forest of Southeast Asia, a tropical paradise full of plants and trees, rushing waterfalls and wild animals. Maharajah Jungle Trek features beautiful murals, crumbling ruins and colorful pennants representing the cultures of northern Asia. The scents of jasmine and honeysuckle, and a fascinating assortment of unique animals, create a colorful, alluring environment.


Exotic Animal Encounters at Maharajah Jungle Trek. One of the highlights of this tour is the Asian tigers. There are 3 separate viewing areas where you can watch these majestic animals play, sometimes frolicking in the water with a large ball.

A Komodo Dragon, the world's largest lizard, resides near a waterfall at the beginning of the Maharajah Jungle Trek. Continue on and you'll encounter the Malayan Tapir—a unique, half black, half white mammal that inhabits forested regions of Asia. Stop at the Bat Cliffs to observe the Rodrigues Fruit and Malayan Flying Fox bat species.

Other animals you may encounter include Blackbuck and Elds Deer. Plus there are over 50 species of exotic birds including:

  • Palawan Peacock Pheasants
  • White-rumped Shamas
  • Fruit Doves
  • Indian Rollers
  • Masked Plovers
  • King Parrots


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