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Major is Cinderella's horse as well as a friend of the mice and Bruno from Disney's 1950 animated feature film, Cinderella. He originally belonged to Cinderella's father, who later gave him to her as a gift before his untimely death.                                                                                


Major was given to Cinderella when she was a little girl by her father alongside Bruno. After the latter died, Major was put outside. He is friends with Bruno and Cinderella though an enemy of Bruno's rival Lucifer.     


Major is not given a distinguished personality other than that he is a loyal friend of Cinderella. While he is not treated properly by Lady Tremaine or her daughters, Anastasia and Drizella, Cinderella offers enough love for him. It indicates that he dreams of becoming royalty like Cinderella. Evidence of this appears during her Fairy Godmother's visit where he was excited about becoming the horse for the carriage (although he was happy with becoming a coachman instead) and when he led the palace horses with pride for Cinderella's honeymoon.

Physical Appearance

Major is shown as a slender white horse, however his mane is more graying. He is shown to have pointing ears with pink within. He also has small seen eyelashes and black eyebrows. He is also shown to have a friendly face, with a kind smile.

In the original film's prologue, when Cinderella was younger he is shown to be a fully-grown horse with creamy tan fur and brown mane. By the time Cinderella grows up into a young woman, his fur color had faded away to white and grey and he has a more aged look.



Major is first shown in the prologue, alongside Cinderella, her father and Bruno, at the Château's fountain, with Cinderella petting his fir, showing how her father loved her.

He is then shown when Cinderella goes to feed the animals, being happily fed by Cinderella, alongside Bruno and the mice

But tonight, for a change, you'll handle the reins... and sit in the driver's seat too. For instead of a horse, why the coachman, of course! Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!
―Fairy Godmother turning Major into a coachman!

Major is turned into a coachman by the Fairy Godmother's magic for Cinderella

Later, in the middle of the film, Major is shown sleeping in the barn with Bruno. They wake up to watch Cinderella run out into the garden wearing a torn dress that was destroyed by Anastasia and Drizella due to the beads and sash they threw earlier. They follow her, looking sad for her as she is crying about not going to the ball. Soon, a fog with sparkling stars heads for her, which turns out to be the entrance and appearance of her Fairy Godmother. Major expects he will pull the carriage, but instead, the mice are turned into horses (startling Major as they were mice) and he is instead turned into a coachman by the Fairy Godmother in order to take Cinderella to the ball, much to his joy and excitement. At the stroke of midnight, when the spell is broken, he is turned back into his true form. With Cinderella, Bruno, and the mice, he runs behind the bushes, away from the palace guards who go past the pumpkin and smash it. Major is shown to be happy that Cinderella had fun at the ball, dancing with Prince Charming, smiling at her.

Near the end of the film, Major notices the birds trying to wake up Bruno. This sight as well as their continuous chirping, make him realize that Cinderella is in trouble. He helps them wake up Bruno by whinnying as loud as possible to allow him to scare Lucifer (who has trapped Gus and the key—which is stolen from Lady Tremaine—under a teacup to prevent Cinderella's exit so she can be rightfully found) away from the door to Cinderella's room. Major is last seen pulling her and Prince Charming's carriage as the lead horse, along with their other horses and Bruno, taking the newlyweds on their honeymoon.

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

Major leading Cinderella in Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

Major returns for the first sequel, though with a very small role compared to the original film with being more of a cameo, though appearing in the first two segments, Aim to Please and Tall Tail.

In the first segment, he is seen in the beginning as one of the horses, leading Cinderella and Prince Charming back to the King's Castle alongside other horses. He is then seen in the second segment, as the horse that Cinderella rides throughout the castle.

Other appearances

Major makes an appearance in his coachman/human form in Walt Disney anthology series episode This is your Life Donald Duck alongside Bruno (also in his human form) and Cinderella, riding on the Pumpkin Coach.

Disney Parks

Cinderella's Fairy Tale Hall

Major makes appearances in pictures throughout the walkthrough-attraction in Tokyo Disneyland such as one alongside Bruno and one alongside many other characters in the film (both from the Château and the palace), reacting to Cinderella's happily ever after with Prince Charming.


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  • He was alternatively named Frou in the Enchanted Stables book collection.
  • Major appears in the live-action Cinderella film as Cinderella's horse. However, his name is never mentioned.
  • Major is one of the many characters (such as Bruno and the mice, other than Jaq and Gus) that don't appear in Cinderella III: A Twist in Time.
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