"Making Christmas" is a song featured in the 1993 Christmas/Halloween movie film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. During which Jack Skellington and the residents of Halloween Town prepare all the gifts and decorations for Christmas, while Santa Claus and his elves continue with their preparations unknowing of Jack's plan to do Christmas that year.

Additionally, the part where Behemoth would sing was originally storyboarded in early development. However, this sequence was trimmed down in the final version, making the song a little short in order to save time for production.


Chorus: This time, this time

Ghosts: Making Christmas

Accordion Player: Making Christmas

Mayor: Making Christmas, making Christmas is so fine

Group: It's ours this time
And won't the children be surprised
It's ours this time...

Corpse Kid: Making Christmas

Mummy: Making Christmas

Mummy & Corpse Kid: Making Christmas...

Witches: Time to give them something fun

Witches & Undersea Gal: They'll talk about for years to come

Group: Let's have a cheer from everyone... It's time to party

Vampires: Making Christmas
(With Toy Duck repeating the line) Making Christmas

Vampires: Snakes and mice get wrapped up so nice, with spider legs and pretty bows

Winged Demon: It's ours this time...

Corpse Father: All together, that and this

Corpse Father & Werewolf: With all our tricks, we're

Corpse Father, Werewolf & Devil: Making Christmastime

Werewolf: (spoken) Here comes Jack!

Jack: I don't believe what's happening to me... My hopes, my dreams, my fantasies... Hee, hee, hee, hee!

Harlequin Demon: Won't they be impressed I am a genius? See how I transform this old rat into a most delightful hat!

Jack: (spoken) Hmm, my compliments from me to you: on this your most intriguing hat, consider though this substitute: a bat in place of this old rat. Uh, no no, no, now that's all wrong - this thing will never make a present. It's been dead for much too long; try something fresher, something pleasant. Try again, don't give up!

Three Mr. Hydes: All together, that and this; with all our tricks, we're making Christmastime!

(instrumental break)

Group: This time, this time...

Jack: (spoken) It's ours!

Group: Making Christmas, making Christmas; la, la, la! It's almost here

Group & Werewolf:And we can't wait

Group & Harlequin:So ring the bells and celebrate

Group: Cause when the full moon starts to climb, we'll all sing out

Jack: (spoken) It's Christmastime! Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee!

Jack: (spoken) Hmm... That's a... Interesting... I like that!

Monster Under the Stairs: Christmas presents really are the biggest thrill! Inside each box, a mystery, a million ways to fill this thing! And when I think I've done the best...

Behemoth: But each one's prettier than the next! Making Christmas!

Cyclops, Monster Under the Stairs, Jack & Cyclops: Making Christmas!

(Repeat verse two more times)

Singing Head: It's a real big thing!

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