Mammoth Records was founded by Jay Faires in 1989 in Carrboro, North Carolina. One of the most premiere independent record labels of the 1990s, Its roster featured diverse talent as Antenna, Blake Babies, Chainsaw Kittens, Dash Rip Rock, Dillon Fence, Frente!, Fun-Da-Mental, Fu Manchu, Jason & the Scorchers, Joe Henry, Juliana Hatfield, Kill Creek, Machines of Loving Grace, The Bats, The Melvins, My Friend Steve, Seven Mary Three, Squirrel Nut Zippers, The Sidewinders, Vanilla Trainwreck, and Victoria Williams.

The label went from a stand-alone company to being a part of a joint venture with Atlantic Records in 1993. The label hit the open market again in 1997. Faires sold Mammoth Records to The Walt Disney Company in 1998. Mammoth Records was folded into Hollywood Records in 2003.

Other Mammoth Artists

A Picture Made– Past EP
Downsiders – All My Friends Are Fish

Frequency – North Carolina Compilation

Vanilla Trainwreck – Sofa Livin' Dreamazine

Big Wheel – Holiday Manor
Vanilla Trainwreck- Sounding To Try Like You

Big Wheel – Slowtown
Transmissions From The Planet Dog - Volume 1 (Mammoth/Planet Dog)

Eat Static – Implant
Kevn Kinney - Down Out Law
Kill Creek – St. Valentine’s Garage
Laundry – Blacktongue (Mammoth/Prawn Song)
Porch (Mammoth/Prawn Song)
Vanilla Trainwreck- Mordecai
Velo-Deluxe- Superelastic

Alphabet Soup – Layin Low in the Cut (Mammoth/Prawn Song)
Banco de Gaia – Last Train to Lhasa (Mammoth/Planet Dog)
Banco de Gaia – Maya (Mammoth/Planet Dog)
Bandit Queen – Hormone Hotel
Children of the Bong – Sirius Sounds (Mammoth/Planet Dog)
Eat Static – Abduction (Mammoth/Planet Dog)
Eat Static – Epsylon (Mammoth/Planet Dog)
Eskimo – The Further Adventures of Der Shrimpkin (Mammoth/Prawn Song)
Feed Your Head – Volume 1 (Mammoth/Planet Dog)
Feed Your Head – Volume 2 (Mammoth/Planet Dog)
Fun^Da^Mental – Seize the Time (Mammoth/Beggars Banquet)
Quadruped– Vol 1 (Mammoth/Planet Dog)
Various Artists - Up and Down Club Sessions Vol. 1 (MR0103-2)
Various Artists - Up and Down Club Sessions Vol. 2 (MR0104-2)
Vowel Movement - Vowel Movement (Mammoth/Atlantic)

Clarissa– Silver
Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Ears To The Wall
Future Loop Foundation – Time and Bass (Mammoth/Planet Dog)
Jabberjaw Compilation – Pure Sweet Hell (feat. Everclear, Mary Lou Lord and Jawbreaker)
Jack Drag - Jack Drag (Mammoth/Hep-Cat)
Kill Creek – Proving Winter Cruel
Melvins - Stag (Mammoth/Atlantic)
MTV Buzz Bin - Volume One: The Zen Of Buzz Clips (Mammoth/MTV) (feat. the Dave Matthews Band, Radiohead and the Stone Temple Pilots)
Planet Dub – Planet Dub (Mammoth/Planet Dog)
The Raymond Brake - Never Work Ever (Mammoth/Hep-Cat)

Clarissa– Blood and Commons
Elevate – Interior (Mammoth/Hep-Cat)
Fabric – Woolly Mammoth (Mammoth/Hep-Cat)
Feed Your Head – Volume 3 : Accelerating The Alpha Rhythms (Mammoth/Planet Dog)
Jack Drag –Unisex Headwave (Mammoth/Hep-Cat)
KCRW Rare on Air - Rare On Air Vol. 3 (feat. Fiona Apple, Patti Smith and Ben Folds Five)
MTV Buzz Bin - Volume One: The Future Of Buzz Clips (Mammoth/MTV) (feat. D’Angelo, The Flaming Lips and The Chemical Brothers)
Strangefolk – Weightless in Water
Two Dollar Pistols - On Down the Track (Mammoth/Hep-Cat)

April March – Lessons of April March (Mammoth/Ideal)
Creeper Lagoon – I Become Small and Go (Mammoth/Ideal)
Far Too Jones – Picture Postcard Walls
Jocelyn Montgomery & David Lynch - Lux Vivens: The Music of Holdegard von Bingen
My Friend Steve – Hope and Wait
Natural Calamity – Peach Head (Mammoth/Ideal)
The Hope Blister – Smile’s OK (Mammoth/4AD)

10 Cents - Buggin' Out (Mammoth/Ideal)
Dirty Dozen Brass Band – Buck Jump
James Mathus & His Knockdown Society – Play Songs for Rosetta
Whalen – Jazz Squad
Splendid - Have You Got A Name For It (Unreleased)
Strangefolk – A Great Long While
Styles of Beyond – 2000 Fold (Mammoth/Ideal)

Frankie Machine - One

Schatzi - Death Of The Alphabet e.p.

Schatzi - Fifty Reasons To Explode

Hurricane Streets – feat. Marcy Playground, “Sex and Candy”, Xzibit and De La Soul
Jesus' Son – feat. Wilco and Joe Henry
Orgazmo - (Mammoth/ideal) feat. Wu-Tang Clan, Dust Brothers, Trey Parker and Matt Stone and Smashmouth
Reality Bites - feat. Juliana Hatfield, U2 and Dinosaur Jr.
The Crow- feat. Machines of Loving Grace, RATM and The Cure
The Crow: City of Angels - feat. Seven Mary Three, Iggy Pop and Deftones

Artist Links

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