Mammy Two Shoes, voiced by Lillian Randolph, is a stereotypical black maid, so called because all that is generally seen are her legs and feet as she enters or leaves a scene. Because of the implied racism of the stereotype, she was edited out of the shorts for a time. A similar character is seen in the Tom and Jerry cartoons.


Three Orphan Kittens

Possibly as a prototype for Mammy, the African-American housemaid's feet appear at the door to the kitchen, greeted by the three kittens, Fluffy, Muffy & Tuffy. The kittens run rampant around the house, causing havoc as they go. The house's pianola plays a variant of "Kitten On The Keys", caused by Tuffy, and when the pianola finishes its song, the kittens leave it and are caught by the housekeeper. As she prepares to throw them out, she is stopped by a little girl, who decides to adopt the kittens.

More Kittens

The Housemaid also appears in the film's sequel. She looks over Toliver the St. Bernard, and Fluffy, Muffy & Tuffy, whom she must care for, even though her last appearance had her kicking them out.

Pantry Pirate

Pluto is banished to the doghouse by the maid, this time showing her body, for trying to raid the pantry of ham.

Figaro and Cleo

The housemaid, now called Aunt Delilah, spends her time in this short cleaning up, and looking after Figaro and Cleo, tidying up the cat's mess.

Tom & Jerry counterpart

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, also created a black housemaid with the same name, design and voice as the Disney version for Tom & Jerry cartoons at MGM. Although they are the same in character, the only differences are she is more musophobic (fear of mice), having her rely on her pet cat Tom to catch Jerry.


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