Marcy is a character in the 2019 televison series Amphibia. She is a young teenage girl and best friend of both Anne Boonchuy and Sasha.


So far, little is known about Marcy expect, that she learned of a mysterious chest located in some store that she, Anne and Sasha stole it from and was alongside them when Anne opens it which sends her, Sasha and supposedly herself to Amphibia. However, its currently unknown if she too was teleported with them.


As of now, little to nothing is known about Marcy's persona.

Physical Appearance

She is described as an Asian teenage girl with a tall slim body, short black hair with a green barrette, wearing a grey hooded school uniform, green skirt, white socks, and brown shoes.


  • Marcy's exact whereabouts have yet to be known.
  • Her appearance in Amphibia season 1 lasted only around 20 seconds and was mentioned twice.


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