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Marcy Kappel is the tritagonist of Blue Sky Studios', Spies in Disguise. She is a skilled security forces agent who mostly pursues Lance Sterling after Lance was framed for betraying the US government.


Physical Appearance

Marcy is an average-height young woman with tan skin, lime green eyes with purple eyeshadow, and short dark brown hair. She has thick eyelashes as well as thick eyebrows. Her hair was worn in a ponytail for almost the entire film.

In her casual outfit, Marcy wears a turquoise green long-sleeved button-up shirt with a gray jacket over it, gray pants matching her jacket, and black heels.

Whenever Marcy is out in the field with her fellow agents, she wears a skin-tight grey shirt and pants, a blue vest, and black lace-up boots.


According to her voice actress, Marcy has a strict code of following every rule and being no-nonsense and straightforward. Although appearing strict and stern on the outside, Marcy is actually nice and compassionate deep down; this is evident during her mission at Venice, where she comforted Walter after revealing to him that his mother sacrificed herself trying to protect her people.

Role in the film

When Lance Sterling arrives towards Joyless Jenkins at the conference room and she explains to why the briefcase is empty, Marcy accuses Lance Sterling of the theft of the M9 Assassin as she brings in her fellow agents Eyes and Ears inside who introduce themselves to Joy just as Marcy explains that she can only believe in facts and proof. Seeing the footage of Killian taking the M9 Assassin with him though disguised as Lance, Marcy then tells her other agents to take Lance to custody to which Joy prevents her agents from arresting him just as Lance plans to stop Killian. After Lance escapes, Marcy tells her group of agents to stop Lance from escaping just as she chases him across the agency to which she tells Geraldine to shut down the agency to which Lance escapes from Marcy.

As Lance and Walter Beckett plan to find Katsu Kimura at Playa Del Carmen, upon entering Lance's car, Marcy and her squadron of agents arrives telling Lance to exit the premises immediately just as she attempts to arrest Lance. Lance then tells his car to activate auto drive to which the AI follows what Lance said to him as the car drives to escape from Marcy, Eyes, and Ears who chase him and Walter across the street. As Lance commands his car to activate weapons to dispatch Marcy, Eyes, and Ears, he and Walter argue whether to use weapons or not, believing that Lance could betray H.T.U.V., despite being the agency's trusted spy to which as the two argue to know which weapon to pick, the car's computer begins to reboot due to the overlapped argument. As the computer restarts, Walter asks the AI to deploy oil slick to which upon activating the oil slick. Suddenly, Marcy, Eyes, and Ears are surrounded by the flaming oil slick due to what Walter did to evade them.

At a hotel riviera in Playa Del Carmen in Mexico, Marcy tells her fellow allies Eyes and Ears to be on a look out for Lance at the hotel. Marcy then leads her troops to Kimura's room, believing Lance would be inside to which as one soldier opens the door, Marcy confronts him while asking Ears to destroy the door so the group can enter to which Ears uses his weapon to fire a blast on the door so the group can arrive to which upon feeling distracted next to Kimura, Lance and Walter plan to escape Marcy to which the two manage to escape from them. Marcy, Eyes, and Ears notice the serious string caused by Crazy Eyes trapping the troops, which leaves the three confused.

Later at Venice, Marcy and her henchmen surround Lance and Walter to which Lance hides as Walter intervenes with Marcy as she explains to him about his creative inventions no one has ever thought of as she explains to him that he is trying to protect the world just like his late mother did to which Marcy shows care to Walter for him to be rehired into the agency is she helps him to which upon noticing the explosion in the building behind her, she decides to take care of Killian as Lance and Walter plan to find Killian.

Marcy then later sees the M9 Assassin being targeted by a group of soldiers to which it is shown that it is immune to normal bullets as it attacks them, much to Marcy's worry. Later in the morning, Marcy, Eyes, and Ears confront Killian no suddenly turns into Lance only to notice the M9 Assassin taking Killian back to his lair, leaving the three confused again.

Onboard a ship while talking to Jenkins, Marcy talks to her via hologram, explaining to her that she lost the database, telling her to put everyone to safety to which Marcy argues with Eyes and Ears about Killian disguised as Lance to which Jenkins explains to the three that it would be safe to say that Marcy's investigation is never going anywhere just as Marcy finds a blue pigeon feather.

Back at the aircraft, Marcy approaches Eyes and Ears respectively who tell her that they found no sign of Walter and Lance during their assignment. Later when Walter arrives at the Facility and reunites with Lance, he contacts Marcy for backup to defeat Killian and complete their assignment. Marcy later joins in battle against Killian and his army of drones where she places her weapon on an M9 Assassin model, causing it to hit the other drones. Lance later discusses with her in a plan to help Walter defeat Killian to which she throws a collide-oscope gadget at Killian to which Marcy starts attacking him. Later as Marcy continues firing at the drones, another one appears behind her as Lovey saves her using a disarmed drone to shoot down the active drone.

Later, Marcy tries to attack Killian but is repelled back just as Marcy and Lance prepare to stop him. Killian later tosses her away to which as Walter takes on Killian, Marcy continues firing at the drones while noticing Walter and Lance trying to stop Killian.

After the battle stops, Marcy approaches Lance in his pigeon form to which she doesn't recognize him at first to which she decides to turn back Lance into a human. As Lance and Walter are taken to an SUV, Marcy sits next to the two as Joy apologizes to Sterling for accusing him for being a villain just as she listens to Joy's apology to Lance as Marcy tells her about accepting Walter into the agency.


  • She appears to be biracial, just like her voice actress, Rashida Jones.
  • While she is technically a protagonist, she arguably acts more like an antagonist for a good chunk of the film.


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