Marcy Wu is a major recurring character in the 2019 television series Amphibia. She is a young teenage girl and best friend of both Anne Boonchuy and Sasha Waybright.


Marcy is close friends Anne and Sasha and serves as the brains of the trio, is an expert gamer, and has many clumsy moments whichthat and Sasha have to counter. Marcy is She learned of a mysterious chest located in some store that she, Anne, and Sasha stole it from and was alongside them when Anne opens it which sends her, Sasha, and herself to Amphibia. Upon arrival in Amphibia and being found by the inhabitants of Newtopia, Marcy serves Andrias as his close aide and chief ranger of the Newtopian Night Guard.


Marcy is an intelligent young female, researching things and taking notes. She is curious and takes interest in culture, being the one who discovered the Calamity Box. She also is cunning and resourceful

She is very clumsy, but she generally remains forgetful and unbothered by it. Back on earth Marcy was somewhat dependent on her friends, as she constantly relied on Anne to look out for her, and was used to having Sasha make decisions for her. Ever since she came to Amphibia ,however, she has learned to take care of herself better, and make her own decisions without many people's influence.

She loves video games, research and puzzles.

Physical appearance

She is an Asian teenage girl with a tall slim body, short black hair with a green barrette,


On earth she wears a gray hooded school uniform, a green skirt, pale blue socks, and brown shoes.

In Amphibia, Marcy wears a faded grey hooded cape, complete with a white-furred collar which is held together with a brown shell. She also wears a brown metal chest plate, a stitched skirt, and grey winter snow boots which are wrapped with studded straps. Marcy has gray finger-less gloves on each of her hands, moreover, her signature primary weapon seems to be a golden hand-mounted crossbow that is fitted onto her right forearm and glove.

Powers & Abilities


  • Glowing Eyes- Marcy's eyes were shown to be glowing green first seen in "Marcy at the Gates". Meaning that the Clamity Box might have given her a currently unknown power.


  • Intelligence: Marcy is an A-Student. Using her vast knowledge she was able to use Amphibia vegetation and skills in chemistry for a variety of effects.
  • Archery


  • Hand-mounted crossbow
  • Exploding potions
  • Intsta-Vines

Role in the series


Back on earth Marcy hanged out with her two friends Anne and Sasha all the time. She was a top student, but was so clumsy Anne had constantly to look out for her, also she was used to having Sasha coming up with what to do. On Anne's 13th birthday she sent a picture of a mysterious music box to Sasha; the 3 friends decided meet at the thrift shop. Once Sasha coerced Anne into stealing the box the 3 friends went to a park to examine it. As soon the box opened, the human girls were transported to the world of Amphibia but were separated. The part of Amphibia Marcy was sent to was the capital Newtopia were she met King Andrias who convinced her to let him help her find away home. After doing some work for the newts, she eventually became the chief ranger of the Newtopian knight guard.

Season 1

Marcy only appeared in photos and a non-speaking role in a flashback and was mentioned a few times.

Season 2

Marcy and Anne happily reunited.

During the Barbari-Ant Invasion she was happily reunited with Anne when she came to Newtopia in hopes of finding a way home. After hugging(and putting out Marcy's cape that somehow caught fire), Anne introduced her to the Plantars. Marcy then excitedly introduces herself to the family, as she even deduces that they're from Frog Valley judging from Hop Pop's cranium and soil attached to him, witch amazed Hop Pop at and easily won him over by complimenting Hop Pop on his status as a farmer. Then Marcy begins to examine Polly, as she points out to her that her legs will likely grow out of her in two months witch exited Polly and won her over. Marcy then introduces herself to Sprig, but Sprig instead greets her with a skepticism, because of his discontent with trusting Marcy due to his family's previous battle against Sasha and her toad army. When Anne asks about where she's been, Marcy informs her that she had actually warped right inside the city of Newtopia, where she managed to become well acquainted with them after realizing the newts were similar to a race known as "sephilons" she learned about while playing a video game known as Creatures and Caverns. Anne asks Marcy for a way inside Newtopia, but unfortunately she can't let them in until the ants are dealt with, but luckily she has a plan and leads them away. At a nearby tent, Marcy enters the tent and introduces the newts to Anne and the Plantars. While the newts admit they haven't agreed yet on a specific plan, Marcy assures them she has a plan of her own. She then proceeds to state the plan, which is to sneak into the hills of the ants and drive the queen away from their lair to force the rest of them to retreat with her. When Sprig questions how they'll manage to pull that off, Marcy shows everyone a belt equipped with stinkshrooms, that will let out toxic pheromones which are capable of driving the ants away. Anne then begins to point out the dangers of the mission, especially when knowing they'll inevitably have to fight through some of the colony to get to the queen. This leads Anne to suggesting she and the Plantars take care of the mission instead due to her experiences in dealing with stuff like this in Frog Valley and was well aware of Marcy's clumsiness, but Marcy assures Anne that she'll be fine (Just as Anne points out her burning cape again). Marcy, Anne and the Planter's then enter the Barbari-Ant colony were they are ambushed. Ignoring Anne telling to stay behind them Marcy notices a plant and begins analyzing it, mixing it with chemicals in a beaker of which she had brought with her; this creates an explosive formula, allowing everyone to escape when Marcy throws it and blowing a hole in the wall. Once through, Marcy throws an insta-vine potion which automatically begins growing vines in front of the wall to keep any more ants from chasing after them. Unbeknownst to her, Marcy had accidentally trapped Polly on the other side after realizing she never made it through the hole, causing everyone to rip apart the vines to let her through. Luckily Marcy manages to throw another insta-vine potion at the wall just before the ants arrive again. They finally reach the queen in the egg chamber were they start planting stinkshooms, with Marcy telling them that they would start releasing their pheromones 5 minutes after they are planted so they would need to work quickly. As everyone begins getting to work, Anne soon pushes Marcy out of the way from a nearby falling rock, as they manage to stay out of sight from the queen by hiding behind the rock itself. Marcy then states she was about to move out of the way on her own, but Anne disagrees, believing she needs to make sure Marcy stays out of danger just like back home. Marcy reminds Anne that they're not back home right now, and she's managed to take care of herself up until now. It was then Spig lets out a scream after a nearby egg hatches and the larva lunges towards his face, causing him to alert the queen. The Queen then lunges at Sprig and eats him whole, before screeching and calling even more ants to arrive. Marcy then points out that Sprig is still alive since ants take longer periods of time to digest their food, as she then proceeds to go save him but Anne stops her once more. Anne asks her to stay put and that she could save Sprig instead, but Marcy reminds her that she's the most knowledgeable with Barbari-Ant biology and therefore most fit for the job, but Anne continues to be persistent while believing she can still do it in her place. Marcy then demands to know why she won't let her do it, to which Anne then tearfully admits she had just got her back, and she doesn't want to lose her again. Marcy then promises Anne she can do it, as she proceeds to bounce her way towards the queen on the ants' backs, knowing they have bouncy bodies from her research. Once Marcy is also eaten by the queen, she manages to make her throw up both her and Sprig, with Marcy now having gained Sprig's trust. Marcy then shoots an arrow at a nearby rock to swing them safely to the ground, but the queen instantly slices the rope, causing them to crash to the ground as they're once again surrounded by the ants. It was then the stinkshrooms begin to go off in the nick of time, causing the queen and the rest of the ants to flee from the group as they tunnel way from Newtopian grounds. As they group leaves Marcy thanks Anne for having her back, but Anne is now convinced she really has changed (Then Hop Pop and Polly point out that once again her cape's on fire). Once the group is out of the cave, Sprig apologizes to Marcy for his prior suspicions of her, with Marcy just being glad he's okay since she could tell that he means a lot to Anne and the two start to bond. The gates of Newtopia are finally open again as Marcy shows Anne and the Planters in. After reporting to Lady Olivia that the mission was a success and interduces her to Anne and the Planter's Marcy has a word alone with Anne. Marcy then suggests they go find Sasha, but Anne informs her that she already had, only they had fight with swords and explosions and now she's unsure of her current location. Marcy states that even if they found a way home, it would all be for nothing if Sasha wasn't with them, as she also admits she's unsure of what to do since Sasha was always the one who came up with the decisions.

Marcy and Anne vow to find Sasha then a way home

Anne then suggests they should now begin making their own decisions, with her and Marcy agreeing with her because it has works out so for them. Both then declared to each other that together they'll find Sasha and find a way home. Anne the proceed to tell Marcy everting that happen to her since coming to Amphibia.

Marcy took her friends to a burger joint where she counited to impress the Planters with how smart she is while Anne shows how silly she is. They then receive a note from the king via an arrow. Rather than giving a direct message gave them a scavenger hunt were when all the clues are gathered it reveal a hidden message. As Marcy uncovered the first 2 clues Anne feels more and more insecure about her own intelligence. After escaping a sewer gator Sprig accidently reveals that Anne is jealous about how smart she is, Marcy reveals that she is jealous of Anne because how social she can be. Anne then discovers the third and final clue; the full message reads "Bring Me The Plantars".

Marcy brings Anne and the Planters before Andrias Leviathan, king of Amphibia. When Anne showed a picture of the music box Andrias notices that the gems are gray rather than colored like they were pervious. In order to learn more of the box and find the way home, Marcy must do some research in the archives. During her research with King Andrias she accidentally spills coffee on a tapestry, but discovers a button that opens a secret passage leading to a secret wing of the archives that had vital information.

After a successful sleepover

The night before King Andrias would tell what their research uncovered, Marcy decides to have a sleepover with Anne, Sprig and Polly. Anne and Marcy realize that they never had a sleepover without Sasha as she is the "Queen of Sleepovers", but know that they have had enough experience to throw one for Sprig and Polly. They declare the sleepover mantra "Pajamas, junk food and gossip galore, pillow fights, movies and tearing up the dance floor and listen up cus' this I won't repeat; never ever go to sleep". They all proceed to run amok throughout the castle; upsetting Lady Olivia who tells them to never go into the basement. As the gang relax, they realize that it is only 9:00 pm and Anne insists that they do a Scare Dare Challenge with the loser's name going into the Book of Losers forever. Against Lady Olivia's warning, Anne suggests they head down into the basement. The kids sneak passed Lady Olivia, whom Polly draws on, and head down with them all refusing to turn back, lest their name end up in the Book of Losers. They enter hallway full of mirrors and find a blocked doorway with a sign in ancient Newtonian runes saying that everyone correctly assumes that it saying something like "Keep Out". They break it open anyway and find themselves in a flooded room full of coffins. Anne and Marcy try to prove their bravery by going to one of the coffins and taking a selfie, upon which jellyfish/ghost-like creatures emerge. They immediately deduce that they are deadly and flee the coffin room together. Along the way, Marcy notices a room full of growing plants that do not need sunlight and Sprig takes note of a destroyed painting of what looks like King Andrias with 2 other individuals; a frog and a toad. The gang find a trap door that immediately enters Marcy's room, much to Marcy's surprise and confusion, but the ghosts phase in anyway. They quickly discover that holding a mirror up to them makes them solid and push them back into the basement. The kids refuse to go to sleep and stay awake until morning. After wondering so many questions, they agree that the sleepover was great and all four of them add their names to the book. Anne and Marcy reveal that they have added their names numerous times and that Sasha always won. When Anne states that she needs to make up with Sasha, Marcy comforts her and assures they will find her. Lady Olivia angrily enters to tell them that their meeting with King Andrias is soon.

The human girls and the Planters arrive in the throne room were King Andrias showed them a book that tells them that the 3 gems on the music box need to be recharged. In order to do that, one must go to three separate temples to have each gem charged up, but the book only gives information on one of them. Hop Pop wants to get back to Wartwood as soon as possible so as not to miss the annual harvest. Anne suggests going back to pick up the music box and and meet back up with Marcy at the first temple. However, Marcy suggests that Anne stay with her in Newtopia as them separating is the last thing they should do. Anne and the Plantars are visibly saddened by this logic and Marcy suggests that they spend the day to themselves before they leave. The next morning, Anne says goodbye to the Plantars as they head back to Wartwood. Seeing how sad Anne is, Marcy admits that sending a servant to retrieve the music box might not be a good idea and that someone trusted should go. Anne hugs her and runs of to meet with her surrogate frog family. Once Anne has left King Andrias comes up to Marcy with a proposition he believes would be very interesting to her.



Anne Boonchuy

Anne is one of Marcy's closet friends. She was overjoyed when she Anne were finally reunited. Anne believed that she needed to protect Marcy like she did back on earth, but Marcy proved she can take care of herself now, but is still grateful that Anne will always have her back. Anne points out how Marcy managed to adapt to Amphibia, saying this to be the happiest she's ever seen her.

Sasha Waybright

Sasha is Marcy's other human friend not much about there relationship is known thus far expect like Anne she was used to having Sasha making decisions for her prior to coming to Amphibia. She was shocked and saddened to hear about Anne and Sasha's fight. Both she Anne vowed to work together and find Sasha.

Amphibia Citizens

King Andrias


Lady Olivia


Plantar Family

While Hop Pop and Polly started liking Marcy right away, Sprig was reluctant to trust her because of his experience with Sasha but after she saved his life he apologized to her and they became friends.


Season 1

Season 2


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  • Marcy is confirmed to be a gamer. She is shown playing a device that appears to be a Nintendo Switch.
  • Marcy's voice actress Haley Tju, voiced Karmi on Big Hero 6: The Series. Ironically, Tju is the only voice out of the main three human characters to actually be a teenager (at least at the time of recording her dialogue). Both Brenda Song and Anna Akana are in their late 20's, early 30's (again, at the time of recording).

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