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"Marcy at the Gates" is the twenty-sixth episode of Amphibia. It aired on August 15, 2020.


The family must defeat an entire ant army before they enter Newtopia.


Sprig is excited that they are finally reaching Newtopia, but Anne is still concerned that she has not reunited with Marcy, her other friend. Sprig is unsure about her, but Anne mentions that back home, Marcy was the opposite of Sasha. She was intelligent and nerdy, but also clumsy and could not take care of herself without her and Sasha around. They arrive at Newtopia, which is surrounded by water and approach the gate. The gatekeeper tells them that they will not open the doors due to the Barbariants that surround the area. True to his word, the ants come out and attack the Plantars, but they are suddenly rescued by a hooded figure that appears from over the wall. The figure turns out to be Marcy who shares a tearful reunion with Anne, who in turn introduces her to the Plantars. While Hop Pop and Polly are taken in by Marcy's belief in the importance of farmers and her observation of Polly's eventual legs sprouting, Sprig does not trust her and becomes distant.

Marcy claims that she no longer is the clumsy person she once was, only to supposedly get disproved by the fact that her cape catches fire (which becomes a running gag throughout the episode). Anne cannot fathom leaving Marcy on her own and becomes protective of her again. She takes them to the battle planners and reveals her plan to defeat the ants by planting stink bombs in the queen's base and smoke them all out. Everyone agrees to this, though Sprig states that he will keep a close eye on Marcy. They enter the tunnels where, once again, Marcy displays a clumsy demeanor. The group trek through the tunnels where Marcy does show an aptitude for chemistry and biology, but still keeps making mistakes that concern Anne.

The group arrive at the queen's quarters and plant the shrooms. Anne saves Marcy from a falling rock and begin to argue just as Sprig accidentally alerts the queen and gets eaten. Marcy says that she will rescue him, but Anne prevents her; finally admitting that she is afraid of losing her again after all this time. Marcy tells Anne to trust her, and she successfully gets Sprig out of the queen and sets the shrooms off (finally getting the barbariants to move elsewhere), as well as getting her cape caught on fire again. The group escape the tunnels with Sprig apologizing for his behavior to Marcy and Anne accepting her newfound confidence, though still slightly clumsy demeanor.

The group finally enter Newtopia and are greeted by Lady Olivia who welcomes Anne and the Plantars and congratulates Marcy on a job well done. Hop Pop suggests leaving Anne and Marcy alone to catch up. Anne reveals that she had run into Sasha already and that they are not on good terms with one another, but that she will not give up on getting her back. Marcy declares that they will do whatever it takes to reunite with her and return home and Anne shares photos of her adventures. High in a tower, King Andrias watches enigmatically as Anne is added to some sort of plot he has set up.



  • This is the second double-length episode since the season one finale "Reunion".
  • This episode has the official debut of Marcy.
    • This episode also reveals that Marcy's last name is Wu.
  • Polly will apparently receive her legs in two months time.
  • Marcy is seen playing a video game console resembling a Nintendo Switch.
  • The events of "Best Fronds" and "The Domino Effect" are referenced.
  • Marcy's favorite tabletop game Creatures and Caverns is a reference to Dungeons & Dragons while her favorite JRPG game Vagabondia Chronicles, visually takes cues from Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger.
  • Maggie (the girl who picked on Anne in the flashback of "Reunion") made a cameo appearance at the volleyball match in Anne's flashback.
  • When Marcy rescues Sprig from the Queen Barbariant, her eyes flash green for a moment, the same color as the green gem on the Calamity Box.
  • This episode reunites Brenda Song and Hailey Tju after appearing together in The Suite Life on Deck. Tju played the young version of London Tipton (played by Song) in the episode "A London Carol".


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