Maria Vaz (or "Rosinha") is a pretty parrot and girlfriend of José Carioca, and daughter of Rocha Vaz.

Physical Appearance

She is usually seen with medium length black hair (occasionally with short hair) in a ponytail, cream (occasionally dark) colored feathers, black eyes and a yellow beak.


Maria Vaz with short hair


Maria (also called Rosita in Italian and Rosinha in Brazil) was originally going to be featured in a series of films in the 1940's under the name of Aurora. The idea never made it past the storyboard process. However, she does show up in a large number of comics done in both Holland and Brazil. It seems Rosinha is one of her more well known names. She seems to be featured often in the Zé Carioca (comics) as the daughter of Rocha Vaz who tries to interfere with her's and José's relationship as he does not approve of it. There are times when she has tried to get José to marry her, but he does his best to avoid being tied down.

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