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I just have so much love inside.
―Mariano Guzman

Mariano Guzmán is a character who appears in Disney's 2021 animated feature film, Encanto.


Mariano was first introduced as Isabela's handsome fiancée, living with his mother Señora Guzmán. During the song "We Don't Talk About Bruno", it was revealed that Dolores had always had feelings for him, but couldn't confess due to his betrothal to Isabela (which was prophesized by Bruno). He was seen lovingly staring at Isabela as she starting making the flowers bloom. After the song, it was the proposal dinner so he could propose to Isabela, but it was ruined while Mirabel was trying to prevent everyone from finding out about the cracks and Bruno's vision. Mariano ended up with his nose hurt. When Mirabel tried to talk with Isabela, it was revealed that not only did she not want to be perfect, but she didn't want to marry Mariano in the first place. Later, he, his mother, and everyone in town get together to help the Madrigals rebuild their house. During this, Mirabel notices him sad, when he says he's got so much love inside, she introduces him to Dolores, who finally tells him her true feelings for him, which he corresponds and both start a relationship, much to Mirabel and Isabela's joy.


According to Dolores, Mariano talks loud, takes good care of his mother and makes her proud. Kind and gentlemently, Mariano is always polite and soft-spoken manner to others. A romantic at heart, he writes his own poetry every night before he sleeps and apparently wants to have children, being eagerly quick to rush into the prospect of marriage with Dolores, only for her to tell him to take it slow.

Physical appearance

Mariano is a young Colombian man with black hair, a mustache, a beard, and ribs. He wears a white long-sleeved shirt, brown pants, and brown shoes. When he in the dinner to propose to Isabela, he is wearing a light blue long-sleeved shirt, white pants and the same brown shoes.


  • Mariano, Señora Guzmán, and Abuela can be seeing dancing when Abuela says "Oye, Mariano's on his way" and when Camilo says "Isabela, your boyfriend's here."


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