John Harrison Frick, Jr., known professionally as Mark Elliott, was a voice over artist, who served as the primary voice-over for Walt Disney Entertainment in North America from 1983, until his departure in 2008. He provided voice overs for trailers, logos, feature presentation bumpers, and commercials. He is well known for his voice overs in Disney's anthology series. One of his most well-known voice-overs for Disney is the catchphrase "And now, our feature presentation.", which he said at the start of most Disney films on video on a "Feature Presentation" bumper up until 1996 when Beau Weaver took over, with the phrase, "Thanks for joining us for our special preview. And now, our feature presentation.". The last trailers he narrated were for The Aristocats and the 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure 2008 Special Edition DVDs. He was also the narrator for the Descriptive Video Service section of the Disney movies Lilo & Stitch and Tangled.

Elliott died at age 81 on April 3, 2021 at a Los Angeles hospital after suffering two heart attacks. He had additionally suffered from lung cancer.[1][2]

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