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Monorail Blue passing the Matterhorn

The Mark V Monorail was the monorail train model used on the Disneyland Resort's Disneyland Monorail System starting in 1987, replacing the Mark III trains. The Mark V trains were rebuilt into the Mark VII Monorail trains in 2008, replacing everything except the chassis (as with the Mark III-Mark V transition). They were designed by WED Enterprises and built by Ride & Show Engineering, Inc. of San Dimas, California.


Four Mark V trains were built: Red, Blue, Orange, and Purple. Each train consisted of five cars. The "Learjet" design of the Mark V trains were based on the appearance of the Mark IV trains used at the Walt Disney World Monorail System from 1971 to 1991. This is why the Mark III monorails were rebuilt as the Mark V monorails, as the designation "Mark IV" was already taken.