Not to be confused with Mark Waters

Mark Watters is a six-time Emmy Award winning American composer of music for film and television. He currently lives in Chatsworth with his wife, Vanessa.


Watters is a six-time Emmy Award winning composer, conductor and arranger. He was born in Irving, Texas and majored in Saxophone at the University of Southern California. Mark served as the music director of the Centennial Olympics in 1996, and the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002. Watters has served as guest conductor for ensembles such as The Los Angeles Philharmonic, The London Symphony, The Detroit Symphony, The The Dallas Symphony, and The Atlanta Symphony. In 2009, he co-conducted a nation-wide tour of "Star Wars In Concert" with Dirk Brosse. In August 2012, he will conduct the Japanese tour featuring the The Tokyo Symphony.

He is a former president of The Society of Composers and Lyricists The SCL and a former member of the ATAS Board of Governors.

He is also known for all of his Disney works below:




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