Married Life is an instrumental score from the 2009 animated Disney/Pixar film, Up. It is one of the film's memorable scores heard throughout it and is one of the most successful scores used in animation and film industry to date.

Following the success of the film, the score also became a cult, making it one of the most popular scores heard in Disney/Pixar history.


The score is heard during the scene where Carl and Ellie get married together and start their own home where they would have a baby throughout lifetime. Over the years, the couple spends their whole lives together to which it is found out that Ellie cannot have a baby after looking at clouds resembling babies to which the score slows briefly. Over lifetime, the score resumes normally as Carl and Ellie become older while saving money for a ticket to Paradise Falls. The score loops into a sad, solemn melody where Carl discovers that Ellie is ill due to old age, followed by Carl sitting sadly in a church where it is found out that Ellie died of old age. The score ends in a sad, slow melody when Carl walks back to his house at night.

With Carl adapting a new life without his wife, instrumental portions can be heard in the following scenes prior to the score heard again during the credits:

  • The part where Carl's house has dozens of balloons on it just as he bids George and A.J. a farewell that he would send a postcard from "Paradise Falls".
  • The ending scene where Carl and Russell enjoy an ice cream hangout with Dug at Fresno's after receiving a badge for assisting Carl.

The score is later heard in the end credits where it shows albums of Carl and Russell's moments on it.


  • The score won a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental composition at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards.
  • Following the film's success, the score can also be heard as Area Music in Main Street, U.S.A. in the Disney Parks.

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