The Martian Mastermind is the primary antagonist of the "Mars in Popular Culture" segment of Mars and Beyond


Mars and Beyond

In the program's description of a standard pulp science fiction story about Mars, the Martian Mastermind sends the Martian Robot to Earth to capture a human female, in this case, Miss Smith, the secretary of a scientist that is oblivious to the invasion. Upon being brought to Mars, Miss Smith begins making a desperate escape with the Mastermind in quick pursuit, eventually blowing him and the rest of his minions up with atomic cigarettes.

Mars and Beyond (comic)

In the comic adaptation of Mars and Beyond, three identical aliens resembling the Mastermind greet astronauts landing on Mars with devious grins (though the first astronaut tries to reassure his fellow by noting that humans probably look as scary to the Martians as the Martians look to them). 

Mickey Mouse

The Martian Mastermind makes a cameo in "Roll 'em" as a monster in a science fiction film resembling Alien being shot at the studio.


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