Martin Ridgeway is the main antagonist in Disney's Snowball Express. He is the manager of his bank in Silver Hill and Miss Wigginton's former boss. He is known to have won the town's Snowmobile Race three years in a row.

Role in the film

When Johnny Baxter attempts to secure funding for his plans for the Grand Imperial Hotel he inherited from his recently deceased Uncle Jacob Barnesworth at Silver Hill after quitting his old job and moving his family from New York to there, Martin Ridgeway expresses great interest in Baxter's daring idea, but also offers to buy the lodge in order to convert it into a boys' school in honor of his deceased uncle but Baxter declines, therefore, Ridgeway, in turn, declines to give Baxter a loan, citing him as a bad collateral risk and specifically pointing out that Baxter has no experience in hotel or restaurant management, likely making his business venture a failure. However, during this exchange, Ridgeway's secretary, Miss Wigginton appears quite agitated, but does not speak up.


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