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Maru is a major character in the 2014 Disneytoon Studios animated feature film, Planes: Fire & Rescue.



Maru is the Piston Peak mechanic and facilitator, being responsible for overseeing and performing repairs on his coworkers as well as fellow crafts that happens to drop by broken. He is also the Peak's facilitator, being responsible for assisting the firefighters during their preparations when responding to emergency calls.

Maru has been shown to be incredibly skilled in his line of profession, being capable of solving pretty much every task thrown his way in terms of repairs. His feats include repairing Blade Ranger after the latter gets seriously injured in a crash landing, and repairing the old, broken gearbox belonging to Dusty Crophopper something that Dottie thought was too complicated to be done, at least by her. Even Maru acknowledged that it was the most complicated thing that he'd ever done, but he enjoyed the challenge.

Official Description

Maru is the mechanic tug at the Piston Peak Air Attack base. Friendly with a sarcastic sense of humor, he's been around a long time and has the cluttered hangar to prove it. With no budget for new parts, Maru's many shelves of old parts and machinery come in quite handy. The repurposing pro's motto? "It's better than new!"[1]


Planes: Fire & Rescue

Maru is a mechanic tug who is an expert at repairing damaged aircraft, making them good as new. During a plan to extinguish a recent wildfire, Maru attaches a pipe to Dipper and also clips a brand new trailer on Windlifter to get ready for their mission. After Dusty returns to the base, Maru cleans up Dusty while telling Blade Ranger, Windlifter, and Dipper to resume their duty at Piston Peak. At the garage, Maru gives Dusty pontoons to help Dusty scoop water off the lake. Later, Blade and Maru train Dusty on how to be an expert firefighter plane so that he can be certified. During a discussion between Blade and Cad Spinner, Blade explains to him that Maru had to rebuild the old tower by himself. Later, Maru invites Dusty to watch Episode 25 ("Disco Inferno") of the TV series, "CHoPs". The next day, Blade tells Maru to help Dusty prepare for his training.

Later, Maru, Dipper, Windlifter, and Dusty enter the Fusel Lodge to which upon entering, he explains to Windlifter about getting a Highway Expresso to which he becomes overjoyed of Windlifter wearing shades. He is later present during Harvey and Winnie's conversation at the stone fireplace followed by Windlifter telling the legend of the trickster Coyote who brought fire to the first vehicles to which after telling the story, to which the group performs a toast in honor of Coyote. The next day, Maru warns Dusty about another wildfire occurring at the forest to which Maru prompts Cad to evacuate everyone at the Lodge. Maru later notices an injured Blade Ranger who is deployed at the base as Maru tells the Smokejumpers to return him in his shelter so he can recover. He then talks with Dusty about Blade saving lives for real and being certified. Later when Dusty devises a plan for the Piston Peak rescue team to put out the fire, only for the team to use the water they all have left due to Maru discovering no water pressure in the engines

Maru later fixed Dusty Crophopper when he crashed after blowing his engine from saving an RV couple from danger. He even installed a replacement gearbox so Dusty would no longer override his engine while flying at high speeds.


  • He boasts the first opposable thumb in the Planes films.[2]
  • Maru has been shown to be incredibly tied to his job and coworkers and is shown to own a memorial wall where he keeps photos and mementos from coworkers of the past who had to retire after crashing in the line of duty.



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