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Marvel Music is a subsidiary of Marvel Studios involved in the publishing of music related to its productions. The company is a successor to Mighty Marvel Music and Marvel Music Group—previous music publishing divisions that were operated under Marvel; these divisions were retained by New World Entertainment when it sold Marvel to Andrews Group in 1989.

In 1994, the name "Marvel Music" was briefly used for an unrelated comic book imprint for comics based on popular musicians. In 2005, the current Marvel Music was incorporated as a publisher of music from Marvel Studios productions, and re-launched publicly in 2009 to distribute its soundtracks. Its releases have since been issued by fellow Disney subsidiary Hollywood Records.


Marvel Music was a short-lived Marvel Comics imprint published in 1994–1995, launched by Editor Mort Todd. These comics featured the life stories of famous musicians and bands, some being closely biographical while others were only loosely based on fact.

The imprint was launched with Alice Cooper's "The Last Temptation" in June 1994.

Mighty Group

Mighty Marvel Music Corporation (incorporated 07/29/1981) and Marvel Music Groups, Inc. (incorporated 07/29/1981) were music publishing subsidiaries of Marvel Entertainment Group that were retained by New World Entertainment when Marvel was sold to Andrews Group in 1989. and were with New World when they were sold to Fox.

Current corporation

Marvel Music, Inc. was incorporated on 09/22/2005 to manage Marvel Studios' and Marvel Animation's filmed music.

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