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Mary is a female human passenger on the Axiom. She has red hair tied up in a ponytail and her nails were dyed pink and is featured in Disney/Pixar's 2008 animated feature film, WALL-E.


Mary's usual business around the Axiom was talking to a friend using a hologram. WALL-E, who was searching for EVE, tried to get around her to find out where she did go. Mary, oblivious to this, shoved her hover chair back and pressed against WALL-E. Luckily, WALL-E did it and easily ran off. When there was nowhere to find EVE, he tried to get Mary's attention. He somehow turned off the hologram telecommunications, and Mary's color on her clothes have evolved from blue to a usual red. When she saw this, she thought this was the first time she was on the Axiom. She and WALL-E then introduced each other and when she told her about EVE and if she could let him proceed to find her, Mary generously shoved her chair back so WALL-E could pass through.

Mary was looking out the windows at the stars and she saw WALL-E playing around with EVE. Just then after seeing, she mistakenly shoved her hover chair back and ran into another passenger, John, who too saw WALL-E. When they saw each other, they quickly fell in love. They were then seen happily splashing each other in the pool, much against a robotic lifeguard's wishes.

Mary and John also rescued a lot of babies while AUTO turned the ship over.

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