Mary Contrary is the deuteragonist and Tom Piper's sweetheart in Babes in Toyland.


Mary is a young lady who lives in Mother Goose Village along with several children including Willie Winkie, Bo-Peep, and Boy Blue.

Barnaby wants to marry Mary but she is engaged with Tom Piper. Barnaby is plotting to kidnap Tom and throw him in the sea by hiring Gonzorgo and Roderigo to do so. He also tells them to steal Bo Peep's sheep, since they make her more independent in terms of economy.

After Tom and Bo Peep's sheep are kidnapped, Mary is worried about the economy. She plans to sell the furniture to help the children. Knowing she has no other choices, she reluctantly decides to marry Barnaby.

Barnaby invites the gypsies to the celebration to perform dances. One is revealed to be Tom in disguise. He reveals Barnaby's plot and the whole village turns against him.


  • Mary's character is based on the character from the nursery rhyme "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary."


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