Captain Mary Oceaneer is a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers. She is the focal character of the Oceaneer Labs aboard the Disney Cruise Line's ship Disney Magic and the Miss Adventure Falls raft ride at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon.



Mary Oceaneer was an avid sea-captain and celebrated treasure-hunter during the late-19th century. She also seemed to have knowledge of the lost nation of Atlantis, having Atlantean writing marked across her diving bell.

Mary was a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers along the same time as Lord Henry Mystic, Harrison Hightower III,  Professor R. Blauerhimmel, and Dr. J.L. Baterista. She even attended the 1899 SEA meeting which occurred right before Hightower's demise at the hands of Shiriki Utundu.

During the 20th century, Mary took her vessel the M.S. Salty IV to the Floridian lagoon of Placid Palms. While searching for treasure, her vessel was hit by a hurricane that beached her in the lagoon. While it is unknown exactly what year this occurred in, early scripts for Typhoon Lagoon and the Adventurers Club suggest that this occurred in 1955, when Mary would have been at-the-least in her 70s.


Mary was first created for the attraction Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland; that park's variant of the Haunted Mansion. She would be established as a member of S.E.A., leading to her being incorporated into the Disney Cruise Line and Typhoon Lagoon.


Mystic Manor

Mary was first introduced as part of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers through a portrait in the queue of Mystic Manor.

Disney Cruise Line

Mary was further developed for the Disney Cruise Line's Oceaneer Lab with a series of portraits establishing her as a treasure hunter and diver accompanied by her pet parrot Salty. The maiden voyage of her Oceaneer Lab ship took place on July 30, 1898 (a reference to the Disney Magic's maiden voyage) and uncovered buried treasure on Castaway Cay. Treasures from the Castaway Cay expedition and other excursions are on display throughout the Oceaneer Lab's central areas. With treasure hunting being her main occupation, she had a fondness for pirate lore and would establish special "Pirate Nights" aboard her vessel.

Miss Adventure Falls

The Typhoon Lagoon attraction Miss Adventure Falls is set in the aftermath of one of Mary's adventures aboard the M.S. Salty IV ship. On her way to port, she and her second known parrot, Duncan, were caught in a storm and ended up stranded at Typhoon Lagoon. Recent acquisitions were scattered around the shipwreck site and judging from beach chairs set-up on the site, she was prepared for an extended stay. She can be heard providing the safety spiel for the attraction. Meanwhile, Duncan has chosen to roost in the exposed cabin of the ship, looking for treasure by spyglass.

Jungle Navigation Co. Skipper Canteen

Items from Mary can be found in the Skipper Canteen including a map charting legendary beasts of the Mediterranean Sea created by her, a library book titled "Parrots as Pets", her Club fez, and assorted certificate awards for Albert Falls featuring her signature.

The Tropical Hideaway

Mary is also one of the members of S.E.A. that left an expedition paddle at The Tropical Hideaway, with her paddle coming from an 1899 expedition on the Orinoco River in South America.



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