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The Master of Ceremonies is the very first onscreen character who appears in the 1948 Disney package film Melody Time. He is an anthropomorphic theater mask who appears at the beginning of the film accompanied by three other female theater masks.


Physical Appearance

The Master of Ceremonies is a theater mask wearing a black and blue top hat. Each side on him has two colors: one pale white and one bright white, with pink cheeks on both sides. He also wears a white bowtie to which he uses as hands.


The Master of Ceremonies shows a joyful personality when he talks to the viewers about the whole film, which is a musical.

Role in the film

The Master of Ceremonies' only appearance is at the beginning of the film. He is seen when an artist draws him just as he talks to the audience about music. Just as the artist paints three other backup chorus masks, he sings alongside them just as he and the other masks open the curtain to begin the film. Afterwards, he is only heard narrating the beginning of the segments of the film.


  • He is the only male theater mask to be shown onscreen in the intro.

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