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Matthew Alan "Matt" Chapman is an American animator, writer, and voice actor.

Matt Chapman and his older brother, Mike have been in the entertainment business long before Disney television animation entered its renaissance in the 2000s. They got their start creating the flash internet series Homestar Runner. While both brothers scripted and animated the series, Matt provided the voices for most of the characters, including the titular Homestar, Strong Bad, Bubs, Coach Z, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, the Cheat, the King of Town, Homsar, and other bizarre characters in the series.

Around 2011, Matt and his brother started getting work outside their web series and soon found themselves working at Disney Television Animation. Matt has since worked as a writer on series such as Gravity Falls, Mickey Mouse, Wander Over Yonder, Pickle and Peanut, and eventually his and Mike's very own short form series Two More Eggs.

Matt continues to do voice over roles across various animated shows. He is the voice of Dooble and other characters in Two More Eggs, in Gravity Falls he voiced Mermando, Abuelita, and Marius von Fundshauser, in Pickle and Peanut, he voiced Mr. Mjärt, in Star vs. the Forces of Evil, he voiced Alfonzo Dolittle, in Amphibia, he voiced Tritonio Espada and in The Owl House he voices Gus Park.

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