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Mattholomule is a character in the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House.


Mattholomule is a construction student who attends Hexside School of Magic and Demonics. He used to be power hungry and overconfident. He had a history with breaking rules and getting detention often at his old school, Glandus High, leading to him being transferred out of his old school.

After going to the Looking Glass Ruins with Gus and his old Glandus friends, he is shown being pushed around by his friends, which ultimately causes him to turn on them. He also becomes friendlier towards Gus.

Physical Appearance

He is a teenage boy with beige skin, dark brown eyes, and straight brown hair which is shaved at the sides. He, like most of the students (and all the known witch-inhabitants) of the Boiling Isles, has pointy ears.


He used to be power hungry and rude to other students at Hexside, especially Gus. He had no remorse at ratting others out to get his way. However, after Gus saved him from the detention pit, he shows that he's not a complete jerk deep down. When his friends turn on Gus, he frees him and helps scare his old friends away as well as fix the ruins. He and Gus are on friendlier terms as they walk home playfully insulting each other.

Powers and Abilities

Magic: Like all witches, Mattholomule's magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to his heart.

  • Construction magic: Being part of the Construction track, Mattholomule has knowledge and skills in construction magic, as he demonstrated when he conjured a pick-like stone structure to cut Gus and the Keeper of the Looking Glass Ruins free.
  • Size alteration magic: Mattholomule can use his magic to alter the size of his body parts, as seen in "Covention" when he enlarged his head.

Role in the Series

Season One

While he is mainly a background character in this season, he planned to to overthrow Gus as the new president of his Human Appreciation Club. He continuously manipulates his friends including Gus and Luz as eventually he lands the latter into detention, but Gus also forced him into detention too. It wasn't long before he became a victim there as he gets rescued by both Gus and Luz and after a lot of commotion, he finally won the title of president but at the cost of a lot of injuries.

Season Two

He still harbors a grudge against Gus when his friends ask him to come along with them to the Looking Glass Ruins. He was constantly mocking Gus for being an illusionist and was skeptical when he used multiple different spells. However, once he figures out that his friends are robbing an illusionist graveyard, which he didn't know it was, and his friends trap Gus and the keeper, he has a change of heart. He brings up the last time where he and Luz saved him and says that his magic is more useful if it's able to save a jerk like him. After his former friends flee from the graveyard he offers to help fix the damage. Gus asks him if they are friends now, to which he responds that he's not sure, as they playfully tease and shove each other while walking home.


Gus Porter

Though Gus welcomed Mattholomule to the H.A.S. with open arms, he quickly began to despise him because of his attitude, and when he challenges for his spot as club president and outs his friend, Luz to the school guards.

In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", Gus and Mattholomule continue their rivalry while on a quest for the Galdorstones. However, after being pushed around by Bria, Gavin, and Angmar, Mattholomule decides to help Gus scare them away from the ruins, recalling how Gus helped him escape detention and that illusion magic isn't as useless as he thought. Afterwards, Gus asks whether or not the two have become friends, to which Mattholomule responds that he is not sure. While walking away, they jokingly punch each other on the shoulder and laugh, implying that they did become friends.

Bria, Gavin, and Angmar

He used to be friends with the trio, until he saw how they were treating Gus, as well as not telling him about what their true intentions were, leading him to turn on them.

Luz Noceda

Since she is a friend of Gus, he was originally rude to her, and even got her in trouble. However, it is unclear if he is still enemies with her after the events of "Through the Looking Glass Ruins".


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