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Maudie is a minor character from the 2012 Disney/Pixar animated film, Brave. She is the nursemaid of Harris, Hubert, and Hamish.

Role in the film

Maudie is first seen at the beginning of the film carrying a plate of tarts down the hall, with the triplets snatching them from her one by one. Harris pulls the plate of tarts from her hands and replaces them with a flower vase. Maudie is completely surprised as the triplets run away from the castle with the tarts.

Maudie reappears, carrying a tray of envelopes to the dining room, and gives them to Queen Elinor. She later appears at the Highland Games, where the triplets steal the tarts from her again. She lays the plate of tarts down on a barrel (where the boys are hidden) and is surprised when both the tarts and barrel run away from her. As she chases them, she trips and falls to the ground.

Maudie reappears in the scenes when Queen Elinor (who has now turned into a bear) frightens her with her appearance. The triplets see two people calming Maudie and scares her with a raw chicken on a stick, watching Maudie run screaming for the third time.

After Fergus locked Merida in the tapestry room to "protect" her from the bear version of Elinor (not realizing that the bear is his wife), he gives Maudie the key for safekeeping. Merida then shouts for Maudie to let her out. Maudie feels conflicted about whether to help or not and finally decides to obey Fergus' orders, and she quickly conceals the key in her cleavage. Merida then asks her brothers (who have been turned into bear cubs from eating the cursed cake) to get the key back, and they pursued Maudie to a room where they managed to surround her, so one of the bear cubs would surprise her from above by diving into her top for the key.

Maudie is seen at the end of the film being flirted by the huge warrior and waving goodbye to the lords.


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