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Max Dickens is one of the detectives from the video game Guilty Party and the son of Dorian Dickens. He is inspired by classic Film Noir detectives.

Official Biography

The Commodore's son didn't particularly want to be part of the family business; as far as he was concerned, his true calling was the stage. Max wanted to be an actor, delivering passionate performances to adoring audiences, with his name in lights on marquees around the world. But when your father is the Commodore, you usually end up doing things his way.

Max tried to look on the bright side: detective work would give him life experiences he could draw from when he finally convinced the Commodore that acting was a valuable profession. He was certain it wouldn't take long - but now, several years later, a detective is still the only role he knows how to play. So he plays it as well as he knows how - and considering he's been working side-by-side with the Commodore for decades now, he plays it pretty well indeed. Like his father, he's a bit of a gourmand - but unlike his father, he doesn't limit himself to pudding.

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