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Maximilian "Max" Goof is the son of Goofy. He first appeared in the 1951 short Fathers Are People, as Goofy Junior, and remained a regular in subsequent Goofy shorts of that era. His modern iteration, redesigned and renamed "Max Goof", first appeared in the 1992 animated TV series Goof Troop. Since then, Max has appeared in several features, usually alongside Goofy.


Max is unique in that he is Goofy's son, as opposed to a nephew akin to Huey, Dewey, and Louie's relationship with Donald, as well as a plethora of famous cartoon characters, Disney or otherwise. Some Goofy cartoons during his Everyman years depicted Goofy as being a father to a red-nosed Goofy Junior. Many fans believe that this character served as the inspiration for Max. In the poster for cartoons with Goofy Junior, Junior would look exactly like Max in the Goof Troop era.

One notable aspect is that Max has appreciatively aged, in a fashion, during the course of his appearances, which is uncommon among most characters in the Mickey Mouse franchise. At the time of his introduction, he was around 11 years old but is usually presented as a teenager/young adult in his later appearances. The reason for these age changes are not clear (this could be for the sake of character development for him and his father). The identity of his mother is also a mystery.

One of Max Goof's most notable traits in the Disney franchise is that not only is he an only child in a single-parent family, but that said parent is a single father. The identity and fate of Max's mother have never been divulged, as the very subject of her was never brought up at all in Goof Troop or any of its related media. This distinct lack of official information about her has led to much speculation and debate among fans as to who she may be, and what might have happened to her.

Furthermore, there is a widespread misconception that Goofy, in an episode of Goof Troop, once declared to Max that his mother is "up there amongst the stars," implying her to be deceased and Goofy himself to be a widower. However, this statement was never actually given in any episode of the show, having been likely born out of fan theories and hearsay. Officially, when asked about Max's mother, Disney Guest Services once declared there to be "no definitive answer" as "who Max's mother is and where "Mrs. Goofy" went", leaving her fate to ultimately remain an unsolved mystery.


Max's personality has evolved as the character has aged.

As a child, he is shown to be very close to his father. He spent most of his time tagging along with Goofy during his father's shenanigans, however, as he grows, he becomes embarrassed by his father's antics. In the Goof Troop show, there were times he would get suckered in by Pete and his get-rich-quick schemes, only to come around towards the end.

It seemed, personality-wise, that P.J. was more like Goofy sometimes, while Max seemed more like Pete. Max has been in love with Roxanne and Mona.

Max is often told that he is very much like his father, and his response is always along the lines of "Please don't say that" or "I wish you didn't say that". In spite of the denial, Max's mannerisms echo Goofy's sometimes including Goofy's laugh, scream, and clumsiness.

As a teenager and young adult, Max is portrayed as calm, cool, and struggles to keep his father's goofiness as far away from him as possible. However, his selfish actions of trying to be distant from his father kept him from understanding the importance of putting his family and friends' needs before himself. Therefore, it created mutual strains in the relationships he's made in his life. He is often seen trying to impress a love interest, most notably Roxanne. Sometimes, Max can be a bit cocky and arrogant. Like the time when he foolishly refused to heed his father's warnings about the Gammas' dirty tricks and cheating methods during the X-Games, completely ignoring the upcoming danger he and his friends are getting themselves into. Luckily, once it became clear that Goofy was telling the truth all along, Max finally realized his mistake of ignoring his father's warnings and should've listened to him when he had the chance. Mostly because he let his grudge towards his father's goofiness and dorky personality go to his head (even though Bradley set everyone up when he took advantage of it and cheated during the qualifiers so that Max could lose the bet). But despite all of those previous setbacks, Max was still able to make things right when he apologizes to his father through the jumbotron and finally came to fully accept him as a major part of his life as well as a big part of his family. After the events of the X-Games, Max gives his father the trophy as an apology gift for his rude behavior. From that moment on, Max no longer cared about running away from his father since he now learned that nothing is more important to him than having family and friends in his life. In Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, he tried to run away from his father again when Goofy embarrassed him in front of his new friend, Mona. But after seeing how much Mona is having fun with his father, Max forgets about his embarrassment and runs back to join in the festivities. This clearly showed that Max has fully matured about his father ever since the incidents with Bradley Uppercrust at the college X-Games.

Max also showed his heroic side of his personality in the movies. Like for instance, he used the perfect cast technique to save his father from falling to his demise down the waterfall in the first movie. Then in the sequel, though he was only a few inches away from the finish line at the college X-Games, Max bravely risked his life to rush under the debris of the burning logo to rescue Tank, with some unexpected help from Goofy.

Goofy Junior[]


Goofy Junior in Fathers Are People.

Goofy Junior is a character from a series of Goofy cartoons from the 1950s. He is portrayed in these cartoons as the son of Goofy, and is widely believed to be the inspiration for (or even the same character as) Max Goof. Junior made his debut during Goofy's "Everyman" years. Unlike Max, Junior's mother has been shown, though only from behind. He appears to be a fairly typical boy of the time period and is usually seen spending time with his dad. He is usually referred to by his father simply as "Junior", but at one point was referred to as George by his father in "Father's Day Off".

Junior debuted in the cartoon Fathers Are People. This cartoon shows Junior being born, and Goofy's attempts to cope with fatherhood. In "Father's Lion" Goofy takes his son to the woods to teach Junior the finer points of camping. Unknown to either of them, they are followed by a mountain lion.

In "Father's Day Off", Goofy minds both his son and the household chores while his wife is in town. In "Father's Weekend" Goofy tries to enjoy a relaxing weekend at home. However, this doesn't happen as he promised to take Junior to the beach. Junior's final classic appearance was in "Aquamania". After buying a boat, Goofy takes Junior onto the ocean to teach him about seamanship, and skiing. Goofy inadvertently enters a water skiing competition, while Junior drives the boat.

Goofy Junior surprisingly made cameo appearances a few decades later in the Mickey Mouse Works cartoons: "How to Be a Baseball Fan" where he pops up a couple of times to snatch the baseball from Goofy's hand and yell out "yoink!"; and "Pit Crew" where he was pedaling by on his bicycle when Pete said, "Ooh, I'm gonna pinch their heads off!"


Goof Troop[]


Max as he appeared on Goof Troop.

The modern iteration of Max Goof first appeared in Goof Troop, in which he is 11½ years old.[13][14] At the beginning of the series, he moves with his father from a trailer park to Goofy's hometown of Spoonerville. He and Goofy live right next door to Pete, and his family. Despite Pete's relationship with Goofy being mostly antagonistic, Max almost instantly becomes best friends with Pete's more genial son, P.J.

At school, Max is somewhere in the middle of the popularity scale, with him and P.J. mostly trying to survive the life and trials of junior high school. Though Max sometimes tries to think of ways to increase his and P.J.'s popularity, the two mainly just try to get by and avoid embarrassment in front of their peers. The two are occasional targets of bullies, in which cases Max will try to smooth-talk his way out of confrontations, but which doesn't always work. In some cases, he and P.J. get the better of their bullies by outwitting them with Max's quick thinking. Academically, Max gets mostly average grades, but sometimes struggles in such subjects as Math and Spelling.

Almost as much of the show revolves around Max's antics as well as his relationship with his father Goofy. Though he is sometimes embarrassed by Goofy's antics, he is still very close to his father. In some ways, Max is comparable to Pete, as Max is often involved in cunning schemes to get away with things or do something the easy way. But unlike Pete's selfish schemes, Max usually means well and has a good heart in the end, making him probably the most well-rounded character in the show.


Max, P.J., and Goofy together made a cameo appearance in the Bonkers episode "The Good, the Bad, & the Kanifky", but appearing only on a TV screen rather than in person. As Bonkers D. Bobcat, Lucky Piquel, and the recently-fired Chielf Kanifky try to catch the nut thief Scatter Squirrel, the trio set a trap for him at the home of Cashew, mascot of a major nut company. With a disguised Kanifky placed in Cashew's home to lure Scatter Squirrel into the trap, Kanifky is seen watching an episode of Goof Troop on Cashew's TV set, on which Max and P.J. can be seen skateboarding through a city while Goofy stands by and looks around (this footage, however, does not appear to be from any episode of Goof Troop and is therefore not actually a real episode of the series).

A Goofy Movie[]


Max as he appears in A Goofy Movie.

By the time of A Goofy Movie, Max has grown into a high school-aged teenager who is very embarrassed by Goofy, with his greatest fear being that he will end up becoming like his father. This is seen in a dream-turned-nightmare where he turns into Goofy like a werewolf, terrifying Roxanne right before she could kiss him and scaring her away. He seems to be especially ashamed of his laugh, which is exactly like Goofy's, possibly a family trademark.

The film features Max's love interest, Roxanne, and his attempts to impress her. Alongside P.J. and another friend, Bobby, he is able to put on a concert in the school auditorium, meant to be a way of shedding his "Goof" image in front of the student body, suiting up as the famed Powerline and performing his song "Stand Out". However, he is caught by the principal. While awaiting punishment, Roxanne comes by to talk to him, and he is able to ask her to the end of school year party. When she says yes, his excited antics lead the principal to call Goofy. The angry principal exaggerates everything and gives the false impression that Max is becoming a juvenile delinquent who could ultimately face the death penalty. The worried Goofy decides to take Max on a father-son fishing trip, forcing Max to cancel on Roxanne. In order to impress her, he lies and says that he is going to see the pop star Powerline in Los Angeles, and that he will be on stage with him for the final number.

The rest of the film revolves around Goofy's attempts to bond with Max during the trip, which doesn't start well for either of them. At one point, unknown to Goofy, while stranded in the woods due to Bigfoot, a distraught Max changes the route on the map to lead to California instead of Lake Destiny in Idaho. Coincidentally, Goofy hands over navigating duties to Max. With more freedom, Goofy and Max bond, but their relationship is stunted when Goofy discovers that Max changed the map route, and a final chance for Max to prove faithful to Goofy's hope they will head to Lake Destiny is shattered when Max, in panic, chooses the path to Los Angeles at the highway junction, crushing any trust Goofy had left in his son. Their arguing leads to their car falling into a river. However, the two begin to make up and have a frank discussion over recent events. Max finally reveals his crush on Roxanne to Goofy, and how he lied to her. Goofy begins to understand that Max is growing up, and admits that it happened so fast that he missed it. Goofy offers to help Max get on stage. Max shrugs off the offer but is unable to elaborate as the car is about to head over a waterfall. Max is able to get to safety, and is able to save Goofy from death using a family fishing technique that Goofy taught him, called "The Perfect Cast".

The two somehow manage to make it to Los Angeles and are able to sneak on stage with Powerline where they dance with the latter after he was impressed by their moves, allowing them to perform with him and his backup dancers/singers during "I2I".

When they return home, Max goes to Roxanne and apologizes for lying, as he just wanted her to like him. To his surprise, Roxanne reveals that she had already liked him for who he is and because of his unusual laugh. Roxanne forgives Max's lie as it was in the right place and offers to go out with him that night. However, Max already has plans to spend time with Goofy, to which she is skeptical until he confirms it. Instead, he arranges to go out with her the next day. Roxanne accepts and offers to shake hands to make it a deal, but Max instead kisses her, causing them both to laugh. Roxanne soon looks over to watch with Max as the car explodes due to the damage sustained from the waterfall, causing Goofy to fall right through Roxanne's roof.

Max then takes the opportunity to introduce Roxanne to Goofy, who at that moment had fallen through the roof as a result of their car exploding.

The Spirit of Mickey[]

In this 1998 VHS compilation of classic Mickey Mouse cartoons, Max briefly appears during the short interstitial segment between the presentation of Mickey and the Seal and Mickey's Trailer. Stock footage from A Goofy Movie is used in this special for Max, with new dialogue (recorded by Jeannie Elias) dubbed over the footage to make him sound younger than he was in A Goofy Movie, likely setting this chronologically before that film but after Max's final appearance in Goof Troop.

While at an event hosted by Mickey Mouse and his friends, at which some of Mickey's favorite cartoons are shown to an audience of children, Goofy and Max have a brief conversation backstage, during which Goofy asks, "Hey Maxie, have I told you about, uh, Mickey and me on the open road?" When Max wearily replies "Uh huh, only about a hundred times," Goofy then cheerfully asks, "Well then, how 'bout a hundred and one?!" to introduce the next cartoon (Mickey's Trailer) much Max's dismay: "Aww, Dad."

Disney's Sing-Along Songs[]

The live-action theme park version of Max appears in the 1998 Disney's Sing-Along Songs: Happy Haunting: Party at Disneyland! video, making a few silent background appearances. He is first seen dancing at the Halloween party inside the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, along with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, a vampire, and many human children. He is seen at the party during the song "It's Halloween" and helps to hang decorations right after "Grim Grinning Ghosts". He is later seen trick-or-treating in Mickey's Toontown during the song "Trick or Treat" and back inside the Haunted Mansion at the end, dancing with everyone to "The Monster Mash".

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas[]


Max in Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas.

In the direct-to-video film, the traditionally animated Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, Max and Goofy feature in the episode "A Very Goofy Christmas". In this segment, he is a young boy and "A Very Goofy Christmas" chronologically precedes other titles Max appears in.

The segment starts out with Goofy and Max preparing to deliver Max's letter to Santa. However, Pete tells Max that there is no Santa. Goofy attempts to prove Pete wrong, by dressing up as Santa but he is discovered. Goofy decides to stay up to wait for Santa, but he grows discouraged after falling off the roof. Max then tries to cheer Goofy up, but he is unsuccessful. However, Santa eventually arrives and presents Max with the present he had asked for: a snowboard.

An Extremely Goofy Movie[]


Max as he appears in An Extremely Goofy Movie.

In the direct-to-video sequel to A Goofy Movie, An Extremely Goofy Movie, Max is a high school graduate and leaves for college with his best friends P.J. and Bobby Zimuruski. He hopes to start a new life for himself and partake in the College X-Games competition. Upon his arrival to the campus, he and his friends are met by the five-time X-Games champions, the Gamma Mu Mu fraternity. However, because the Gammas invite only Max and not P.J. and Bobby to join them, Max makes a bet against the Gammas' leader, Bradley Uppercrust III, to see who will be towel boy to the other should either win the X-Games.

Meanwhile, Goofy gets fired from his job due to empty nest syndrome and thinking about Max and must go back to college to get a degree, as it's the only way for him to get a new job as he only completed three out of four years and needs a four-year degree to find employment. He attends the same college as his son, much to the dismay of Max, who had hoped to finally get away from his father's overbearing doting. Eventually, Max manages to distract his father by introducing him Ms. Sylvia Marpole, the college's librarian, who takes a romantic interest in Goofy and his love of the 70s and vice versa, while Max sneaks off to practice his skateboarding. When Goofy gets a date with Sylvia, he rushes off to tell Max, only to interfere with Max's practice which reveals that Goofy is an excellent skateboarder too to which everyone claps for him and Max (embarrased by what his dad did and jealous that his Dad is now getting the attention and not him) angrily and selfishly grabs his skateboard back from Goofy and tells him that he can't join his team because there's no openings and angrily leaves with PJ and Bobby. Bradley sees Goofy's good skateboarding and offers Goofy a chance to join the Gammas to which Max encourages his father to join, viewing it as another distraction to keep Goofy further away from his X-Games practices and Goofy does.

When Goofy inadvertently beats Max at the qualifying rounds for the College X-Games (thanks in part to some sneaky cheating by Bradley), Max (once again embarrased and jealous that his Dad is getting all the attention and not him) ends up blowing up at his father in a fit of anger, revealing his desires to get away from his father and selfishly disowns him completely by telling him to go away and get his own life, sending Goofy into depression. Several days later, Max thought about transferring himself to another campus, believing that the school is better off with his father instead of him. But P.J., Bobby, and the Beret Girl convinced him to stay and continue to compete in the X-Games. Weeks later, Goofy overheard the Gammas' plan to fix the games so they win by default with the other teams unable to compete due to injury or disqualification and tries to warn his son and his friends about it. But Max stubbornly refused to believe him since he still wanted his father out of his life, and foolishly thought that Bradley told him to warn him of the Gammas' cheatings as a lie so he can add further insult to him and his team. However, it soon became clear to Max (during the X-Games' final round) that the Gammas really have been cheating all along after Bradley sabotages P.J. right in front of Max and Bobby, putting them one player short and facing being disqualified, which would make the Gammas the winners by default and Max to lose his bet with Bradley. Max realized that Goofy really was telling the truth the whole time while also realizing that he was tricked by Bradley into disowning Goofy as his father. Finally coming to his senses and feeling guilty, ashamed, and remorseful for all of the cruel, unforgiving things he's done, Max ultimately redeems himself when he apologizes to his father for disowning him and for not heeding his warnings when he had the chance through the jumbotron. He then asks him to come back to him and join the team so he can fill in for the incapacitated P.J., which Goofy happily accepts.

During the final stretch of the triathlon, Bradley activates a rocket hidden in Max's skateboard, causing an explosion that ends up trapping fellow Gamma member Tank underneath some fallen fiery debris. Max forgoes heading straight to the finish line to first rescue Tank (with help from Goofy) and ultimately manages to just barely beat Bradley to the finish line. Bradley coldly (yet calmly) congratulates Max on the win and reminds him of their agreement of being his towel boy. But Max, having had enough with Bradley's deceitfulness (from which was what caused Max to resent and disown Goofy as his father in the first place), calmly calls off the bet. He then gives Bradley a taste of his own medicine when he allows Tank, who was angry at Bradley for abandoning him and leaving him to die, to send him packing by flinging him into the ESPN blimp in the sky. In the end, both father and son make amends at Goofy's graduation and Max gives his father the X-Games championship trophy with an inscription of their relationship as a parting/apology gift that says, "I might not be your little boy anymore, but I'll always be your son." Goofy, now cured of his empty-nest syndrome, forgives his son and the two parted ways, with Goofy heading to another date with Sylvia, and finally leaving Max to at last live his own life at the college.

House of Mouse[]


Max as he appears in House of Mouse.

Max features regularly in House of Mouse, where he is employed as the club's parking valet whilst still a teenager.[15] With him once again dating Roxanne but having not yet acquired a car of his own (at first), the show would seem to take place after the events of at least A Goofy Movie, possibly even not too long after An Extremely Goofy Movie. Max is shown to be fairly level-headed, possibly the most level-headed of the group.

Most of his appearances are minor and show him offering to park the various vehicles that pull up to the club. However, he features heavily in a few episodes.

The episode "Max's Embarrassing Date" showed Max trying to prepare for a date with Roxanne at the club. He worries that Goofy will go overboard trying to make them happy, so he goes to Mickey and friends for help. Ironically, Mickey and the gang go overboard, so Goofy steps in, puts an end to this, and allows the couple to have some privacy.

Another episode, "Max's New Car", had Max trying to convince Goofy to allow him to have his own car. Goofy initially says no, as he believes Max is too irresponsible. Max is able to show Goofy that he was once just as irresponsible with the help of Mickey. This involves Max temporarily taking over hosting duties at the club, where he shows clips from Goofy's past, namely clips from the Goofy cartoon, "Motor Mania". Right before the end of the episode, Goofy gives Max a parking space for now, until a car from a previous situation comes down and lands perfectly on Max's parking space. Max then gives his father a begging look, and Goofy lets him have the car.

In the episode "Goofy for a Day" has Max assuming Goofy's waiter duties, after Goofy finds out that Max thinks that being a waiter is not as important as Mickey's hosting duties or Donald's greeting role.

In another episode "Snow Day", Max shows up in two tiny scenes, helping his dad get some seafood for "Salty the Seal", while Goofy is trying to teach him how to snowboard, and one where Goofy is making a joke about Salty, but the joke has already been repeated two times before.

In Mickey's House of Villains, Max watches several characters enter as the sound of a thunder crash is heard. Max turns to see the Cave of Wonders has appeared in front of the club, having seemingly burst from the ground. Jafar enters and leaves the golden scarab with Max, wishing him a happy Halloween. Max is left dumbfounded as he eyes the scarab as a car alarm chirps.

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas[]

Twiceuponaxmas 288

Max in Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas.

Max was in the computer-animated Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, the sequel to Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas. In the segment Christmas Maximus, Max has grown up into a young adult and is prepared to bring his girlfriend, a young lady named Mona, home for Christmas to meet his father, Goofy. Max worries that Goofy will embarrass him, and calls ahead to remind his dad about Mona's coming home with him. He also expresses a dislike in Goofy's referring to him as "Maxie" instead of "Max".

After Goofy picks up the young couple at the train station and brings them back to his house, Goofy shows Mona baby pictures of Max and unintentionally embarrasses Max with all his fatherly love. In the end, as Mona finds Goofy's quirks to be charming, Max decides to forget all about his embarrassment and join in the fun as it should be.

Max later appears (in a non-speaking role) with his father and the other characters in the last segment of the film, Mickey's Dog-Gone Christmas, in which they drive around the city in a snowplow to look for Pluto, who had previously run away after his having to anger Mickey. After Pluto returns, everyone (Max included) pulls up to Mickey's house in the snowplow, exits the snowplow, and goes inside the house to celebrate Christmas. Max and everyone applauds Mickey and Pluto topping the Christmas tree with the star decoration, and then they all join in singing a short medley of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and "Deck the Halls" to close out the special.

During the end credits sequence, a pop-up book version of Max and Mona is seen sliding close to each other (presumably to share a kiss) before a pop-up version of Goofy covers them both from view with a picture frame containing credits specific to the Christmas Maximus segment. Later, the closing image of Goofy and Max holding a Christmas caroling book together from the end of Mickey's Dog-Gone Christmas is shown again towards the end of the credits.

DuckTales (2017)[]

Max Goof DT 1

After a nearly sixteen year absence from any media, Max made a cameo appearance in the DuckTales episode "Quack Pack!". While Max does not appear in-person, he is described by Goofy to Donald and shown in many photographs that Goofy keeps inside his wallet.

While showing the photos to Donald, Goofy recalls a time when he and Max once rode a roller coaster together at an amusement park, where Goofy had gotten stuck at the top of a loop-de-loop and had to be caught by Max, who swung him into a cotton candy stand to give him a soft landing. Despite the embarrassment, Goofy and Max were given free admission to the park for life and all the cotton candy they could eat.

In other photos, Max is shown as a baby being held in Goofy's arms, as a teenager carrying a jack-o-lantern bucket full of candy while dressed as Powerline for Halloween (albeit, with his suit colored red instead of yellow), and dressed in formal wear while nervously standing next to Roxanne, as though the two were going to a formal school dance together, with Max hesitant to put his arm around her.

Later, at a point when Goofy is spun around and passes out from dizziness, three little Maxes appear skateboarding around Goofy's head. These three Maxes are depicted in his Goof Troop design, whereas the teenage Max seen in Goofy's photos is based on his design from A Goofy Movie but with his Goof Troop purple pants.

Printed media[]


Jr. Goof Mrs.

Junior with Goofy and Goofy's wife in Goofy Minds the House.

Prior to 1992, Goofy's son Junior made only a few book appearances, most notably in the 1977 book Goofy Minds the House. In that story, Junior suggests that Goofy and his wife trade jobs with each other for a day to see who really works the hardest between the two. So, while Goofy's wife goes out to work in the fields and do Goofy's farm work, Goofy stays home with Junior to do the housework. Junior proceeds to both watch and assist his father as Goofy finds new ways to struggle in keeping up with his wife's daily load of chores.


With the onset of Goof Troop in 1992, Goofy's son Max rose to greater prominence, making far more appearances in book form. The first was in the 1992 Little Golden Book Goof Troop: Great Egg-Spectations, adapted from the episode of the same name. Like in the episode, Max finds and brings home a large egg that hatches into a dinosaur, which he names Bubbles. Bubbles soon grows too big and begins to cause trouble for Pete, who chases Bubbles through town. Max, Goofy, and P.J. set out to rescue Bubbles from Pete, with help from Bubbles's Mama. Max and Goofy then say goodbye to Bubbles and Mama as the two go back home to the lake.

Max next appeared in the Little Golden Book Goof Troop: Goin' Gold-Fishing, adapted from the episode "Slightly Dinghy". As in the episode, Max hears about a sunken treasure out at sea that he wants to find, and has Pete, Goofy, and P.J. accompany him to the ocean. But, a stubborn little fish named Tiny Tuna gets in his way and uses a "Sharkmarine" to attack Pete's boat. Max manages to find the treasure chest, but it turns out to be worthless pistoosas.

Goof troop junior graphic novel

Max also appeared in the two stories featured in the 1993 Goof Troop: Junior Graphic Novel, adapted from the first two Goof Troop comic strips ever published in Disney Adventures (see below), "The Power of Positive Goofing" and "Pavlov's Goof". In the first story, Max is worried about his father and himself embarrassing themselves at the local Fitness Fun Day event and works to improve both his and his father's athletic prowess. When the big day arrives, Goofy and Max wind up impressing the whole town as they dance together on the very difficult Tilting Tile Floor. In the second story, Max's role is much smaller since the story is mainly about Pete. Max and P.J. trick Pistol into thinking that she has hypnotized them with a new toy of hers before revealing their joke. The three then leave to go shopping with Peg while Pete and Goofy stay home to do yard work.


With the release of A Goofy Movie in 1995, Max continued to appear in books based on his appearance in that movie. The 1994 Mouse Works book Me and My Dad saw Max take a trip to the beach with his dad, Goofy, where the two have a fun time together swimming, collecting seashells, and building a sandcastle. Max even successfully teaches Goofy how to ride a surfboard. Additionally, another 1994 Mouse Works book, Goofy Gets Goofy, is an adaptation of the Powerline concert scene from A Goofy Movie, in which Goofy helps Max to sneak into the concert and get on stage with Powerline and dance with him, which is watched on TV by Roxanne and others.

A Goofy Movie also spawned a number of other book adaptations, all of which Max appeared in, including the 1995 novelization of the film published by Scholastic, the 1996 French novelization of the film (titled Dingo et Max)[16] published by Disney Hachette, at least three different 1996 French Dingo et Max storybook adaptations also published by Disney Hachette, a Danish storybook adaptation (titled Fedtmule og Søn)[17] published by Egmont Books in 1996, a German storybook adaptation (titled Der Goofy Film)[18] published by Franz Schneider Verlag GmbH in 1996, and more.


Disney Adventures[]

Max Goof comic 3

Max in the Goof Troop comic story "A Fishy Tale".

From 1992 to 1997, Disney Adventures magazine published a total of thirty comic strips based on the Goof Troop animated series. Of these thirty, Max appeared in an impressive twenty-six comics, more than any other Goof Troop character. Like in the TV series, Max's main role in the comics was mostly to have fun and live life to its full extent. He would occasionally feel embarrassed by his father, but still loved him in the end.

In these comic stories, Max impresses the whole town with his father at Fitness Fun Day ("The Power of Positive Goofing"), befriends a dancing pig ("Hamming It Up!"), inadvertently impresses everyone with some unplanned dance moves at a school dance ("Dorky Dancing"), endures a humiliating and painful school day on April 1 ("Everybody Makes Mistakes"), meets the popular TV superhero character Rad Rat ("Automania, Part 1" and "Automania, Part 2"), gives a speech to his class about the founding of Spoonerville ("Losted Founder's Day"), gets to meet teen sensation Taffy 2 Sweet ("Max's Makeover, Part One" and "Max's Make Over, Part Two"), acquires his own pet goldfish ("A Fishy Tale"), and more.

Roxanne in comics

Max and Roxanne in "My Hero".

Two Goof Troop comics created specifically to tie into A Goofy Movie also explored Max's relationship with Roxanne at points set after the movie's events. In "My Hero", Max overhears Roxanne wishing to herself that she could meet a dashing hero to bravely save her from some perilous situation. This inspires Max into wanting to be Roxanne's hero and, with help from P.J. and Bobby, he stages some fake dangers from which he intends to save Roxanne but instead ends up saving first Stacey and then Bobby. On his final attempt, it is Roxanne who ends up saving Max.

In "Gorilla in Our Midst", Max and Goofy get a new neighbor in the form of a gorilla named Mr. Kong. While Max and P.J. find him intimidating and fearsome, Mr. Kong is actually a nice guy who just likes to watch noisy horror movies and snores loudly at night. This snoring of his keeps Max up at night and makes the boy forget his movie date with Roxanne one afternoon. Fed up with Max's tardiness, Roxanne takes him over to Mr. Kong's house to set things straight with the man, much to Max's horror. After Roxanne confronts Mr. Kong about his snoring, Mr. Kong apologizes and shows Max that he isn't scary at all. He then invites Max and Roxanne inside for a snack.

The Disney Afternoon[]

Max also appeared in three of the five Goof Troop comic strips published in The Disney Afternoon. In "Dog Days", Max and P.J. are inspired to bury a time capsule whose contents they hope will be worth a lot of money in five years. However, when digging in the back yard to bury their time capsule, they find an old statue of an Egyptian dog buried in the ground. Believing the statue to be ancient, they try to sell it to an antique store, but accidentally damage some items and are kicked out of the store.

They then decide to hold an auction for the statue at Goofy's house, where they nearly earn four million and ten dollars for the statue before Goofy suddenly reveals that the statue actually isn't an ancient artifact. Rather, it's a sign prop from an old hot dog restaurant. Max is dismayed over the loss of over four million dollars before an old couple offers to buy the statue from them for a healthy sum. Max and P.J. use the money to pay back the antique store and buy themselves a couple of fancy new remote-controlled toy cars.

In "The Toys of Summer", Goofy takes a second job assembling toy knights and dragons to make some extra money so that he can take Max on a surprise vacation. However, Goofy misassembles the toys and is fired, earning no money in the process. When Max hears about what Goofy tried to do for him, Max takes it upon himself to sell the misassembled "Dragon Knights" to other kids at the park, using their unique mixed-and-matched assembly as their main selling point. Max earns enough money to buy two new fishing poles and treats his dad to a day of fishing out at a creek.

In "Woolly Bully", Max, P.J., and Pistol are taken out west to the Woolly Bully Dude Ranch by Pete and Goofy. While Max and P.J. run around pretending to be a cowboy and a bull, respectively, Pistol wants to ride the ranch's main attraction, El Loco the bull. When Goofy tries to stop her, he accidentally sets El Loco free of his pen. El Loco runs wild and Max accidentally ropes him by the horns. Holding onto the rope, Max and P.J. are sent flying by El Loco and crash-land at the feet of Pete. The boys later see Pistol befriend El Loco and ride him successfully.

Le Journal de Mickey[]

From 1993 to 1995, Max appeared in all nine La Bande à Dingo[19] comic strips published in Le Journal de Mickey. Since most of these comics focused more on Pete and/or Goofy, Max played a more supporting role in each one. In three stories, Goofy would tell Max and P.J. about the adventurous exploits of some of his ancestors, much like the TV show's five "Goof History" episodes.

On February 12, 1997, Issue #2330 published a special Dingo & Max[16] comic that featured characters from A Goofy Movie. 26 years later, on July 4, 2023, this story was reprinted and adapted into English by Fantagraphics in Volume 3 of The Disney Afternoon Adventures. In this story, Max hears that Roxanne's birthday is the next day and wants to buy her a bouquet of roses as a present. However, he and P.J. then see Roxanne across the street kissing another guy. When Max investigates, he is horrified to hear Roxanne seemingly accept the guy's offer to become his girlfriend. Following the pair, Max is further mortified to see them having their picture taken together by none other than his own father, Goofy. That night, Max has a nightmare in which Roxanne runs past him into the arms of the other guy, "Jimmy" (renamed "Jamie" in the English version).

The next day at school, P.J. tells the heartbroken Max that what they saw the other day was all just an act. Roxanne and "Jimmy"/"Jamie" (whose real name is Hubert) are to be the lead couple of a surprise school play to be performed in honor of Valentine's Day, and which was kept secret from everyone outside the theater workshop. Roxanne and Hubert were just rehearsing when Max saw them the other day, and the picture they took was for the play's announcement poster. Overjoyed that Roxanne hasn't fallen for another guy, Max then sees her crying. Hubert suddenly got sick, which means the play will have to be canceled. Wanting to cheer Roxanne up, Max volunteers to take Hubert's place in the play.

Later, during the play, Max and Roxanne perform onstage before the whole school. In the play's final scene, the two go off-script by using their real names instead of "Jimmy"/"Jamie" and "Laetitia" (re-spelled "Letitia" in the English version), and Roxanne kisses Max on the lips before he can finish his line of "I love you", which Roxanne finishes for him by saying "Me too, Max."

La Bande à Dingo: Le Visiteur De L'Extra-Temps[]

In this 44-page French-original graphic novel (whose title translates to "The Visitor From Another Time") published in May 1993 by Dargaud as #10 in the Disney Club collection, Max plays a key role in this story. Max is first seen playing a video game on his computer, but is interrupted when an earthquake hits Spoonerville. Max and Goofy see a news report on TV that reveals the quake to have been caused by a landslide that occurred at a local quarry in the Bellevue area of town. Wanting a closer look, Max and P.J. sneak out and head over to the quarry on their skateboard and bike, respectively. When they are spotted by a police officer, they are forced to return home but Max's skateboard goes missing. As he looks for it, he soon spots somebody riding on it going downhill. Max and P.J. give chase on P.J.'s bike and are shocked to find that Max's skateboard was rode by a baby dinosaur!

The next morning, Max tries to hide "Baby Dino" in his bedroom closet and coyly asks his father if he, perhaps, could keep a baby dinosaur if he were to have ever found one. Thinking Max is just using his imagination, Goofy tells Max that dinosaurs don't belong in the streets and that such a creature could draw unwanted attention from scientists. Max then sneaks Baby Dino over to P.J.'s house, hiding him inside Pete's garage. Wishing that Dino could speak and tell them about itself, the boys get an answer when Dino suddenly knocks over some potted plants and uses their dirt to sculpt a scale model of the Dragon's Bay located west of town. Deducing that Baby Dino needs to go there, Max and P.J. devise a plan to get themselves over there.

Preparing a makeshift ramp, Max and Dino board P.J.'s giant skateboard and dash out of the garage just as Pete and Goofy open its door. At that same moment, a U.S. Army contingent led by General Boxer and General Terrier pulls up to Pete's house and sees Max take off with the baby dinosaur; they had come looking for dinosaurs after a footprint had been found at the site of the landslide the previous night. Spotting Max with the dinosaur, the Army gives chase and pursues Max through the downtown area of Spoonerville. P.J., Chainsaw, Pete, Goofy, Peg, Pistol, and others also follow after Max.

At Dragon's Bay, Max and Dino are soon met by all of their pursuers, as well as a surprise appearance by a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex emerging from the waters of the bay. But then, from out of the T-Rex's head pops out movie director Steve Splitscreen, revealing that both of the dinosaurs are actually mechanical. The next morning, Max and everyone involved in the previous day's ordeal meet with the mayor at City Hall. Steve Splitscreen explains that he allowed Max and P.J. to find Baby Dino in order to test the realism of his new technology, and apologizes for the panic caused by his carelessness. Max speaks up and also takes some of the responsibility.

A week later, an evening newspaper announces the possibility of Max's getting to be the star of Steve Splitscreen's newest film The Dinosaur and the Child. That same night, Max and P.J. watch as Goofy makes dinosaur shadow puppets outside of Pete's house.

Other comics[]

Max goof comic 2

Max in Dingo et Max, the French graphic novel adaptation of A Goofy Movie (Finnish version pictured)

In July 1996, A Goofy Movie was adapted into a 44-page graphic novel published in France by Club Dargaud as part of Les Classiques du Dessin Animé en Bande Dessinée ("The Animated Classics in Comic Book form") collection, in which Max appeared in the same role that he played in the movie. The first 14 pages of this Dingo et Max[16] graphic novel were translated into English and released in pocket size as A Goofy Movie Mini-Comic, which was included as a pack-in bundle with the movie's UK VHS release on June 2, 1997. In these first 14 pages, Max goes through the same events of the movie up to when he asks Roxanne to go with him to Stacey's party, ending on a cliffhanger to get people to watch the movie to find out what happens next. On July 27, 2021, all 44 pages were fully adapted into English by Fantagraphics in Volume 1 of The Disney Afternoon Adventures.

Geeft les Koken

On March 7, 2003, Max (sporting his design from A Goofy Movie) appeared alongside his father in a short two-page Dutch comic strip belonging to a series called "Goofy geeft les over..." (meaning "Goofy Teaches About..."). This particular story, titled "Goofy geeft les over... Koken" ("Goofy Teaches About... Cooking"), sees Goofy telling Max a history lesson about cooking food while they wait to be served dinner when over at Clarabelle's place. The story was originally published in the pages of Donald Duck #10/2003, and was later translated into English under the new title of "A Goofy Look at Cooking" when published in the pages of Mickey Mouse #20 (329) by IDW Publishing on May 24, 2017.

In November of 2004, a graphic novel adaptation of Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas was published by Gemstone Publishing. Max appeared in the same role as he had in the special, but also in a new scene added at the very end. While the special was an anthology consisting of five unrelated Christmas stories, the comic version created new wraparound scenes at the beginning and end set right after the events of "Mickey's Dog-Gone Christmas", in which everyone is still gathered at Mickey's house to spend Christmas with him and Pluto. During this new ending scene, when everyone opens their gifts, Max gives Goofy a new popcorn maker to replace the one that went haywire in "Christmas Maximus".

In July of 2011, Max (in his Goof Troop design), P.J., and Pistol all made a cameo appearance in the pages of Darkwing Duck issue #14 "Cat-Tastrophe" published by Boom! Studios as part of the story arc Campaign Carnage. In this story, Max, P.J., and Pistol are all seen in the background as fellow classmates of Gosalyn Mallard at her prep school in St. Canard. The three are shown in a flashback describing the backstory of Cat-Tankerous, Darkwing Duck's latest new adversary. However, when this story was later reprinted by Joe Books as part of Darkwing Duck: The Definitively Dangerous Edition in 2015, Cat-Tankerous's backstory was rewritten and the cameo appearance of Max, P.J., and Pistol was omitted and replaced by completely new story content, making their cameo appearance in this comic no longer canon.

Video games[]

Goof Troop[]

Goof Troop SNES Box

Max is one of two playable characters (the other being Goofy) in the 1993 Goof Troop video game for the Super Nintendo. Where Goofy is strong but slow, Max is fast but weak. Goofy can knock away larger enemies with a single hit, while Max takes two hits to knock away large enemies.

While out at sea on a fishing trip one day, Max and Goofy spot Pete and P.J. being kidnapped by a crew of pirates. Goofy and Max give chase in their rowboat, but cannot keep up with the pirate ship. They follow the pirates over to Spoonerville Island and fight their way across the island's beach, through a village, inside the pirate's fortress, through a series of caves underneath a volcano, and finally aboard the pirate's ship. Along the way, they learn that Pete was taken because the pirates had mistaken him for their long lost king, Keelhaul Pete. But when the real Pirate King returns and exposes Pete as an impostor, Max and Goofy fight and defeat Keelhaul Pete to rescue Pete and P.J. from being eaten by an alligator.

Disney Emoji Blitz[]

Max dances like Powerline to "Stand Out" to Roxanne! Heart-eyed emojis score 3x points!
―Max's Power description.

Max is a Gold emoji, being available for unlock/upgrade through the game's Gold Boxes. When activating his Power, Max will appear on-stage at the top of the board in his Powerline outfit, dancing on a screen in front of Roxanne until he bursts through the screen by accident. When this happens, several emoji in the "audience" become Heart-eyed emoji, earning extra points when using them in a match.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena[]

DSA portrait max goof

Max appears as a Support Hero, belonging to the Downtown and Sorcerer's Student factions, added to coincide with the seasonal "Stand Out" event. Max's gameplan revolves around stealing Helpful effects and Magic from his enemies with his skateboard and a Perfect Cast, and then redistributing his spoils throughout his entire team. Max additionally has unique synergy with Goofy and Powerline, granting bonus Helpful effects to his father and syncing up their dancing Abilities. Interestingly, Max is not labelled a "Mickey and Friends" character, meaning that Goofy's Abilities will not have synergy with Max at all. In order to unlock and upgrade Max, the player must participate in the seasonal "Stand Out" event, building up a team of fellow Sorcerer's Student characters (choosing from Wendy, Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack, Vanellope, Miguel, and Ian), and completing Max's Event Campaign, "Dance Floor Feud". Once Max is unlocked, he is required (alongside a team of other Sorcerer's Students) to unlock / upgrade Powerline through his Event Campaign, "Boogie Battle".

Ability Ability Name Description
Basic Ability "Ollie Up!" Max rides his skateboard straight into the target opponent, dealing damage, with a bonus 10% damage dealt per Helpful Effect on target and Max. Additionally, steal 1 Helpful effect.
  • Lvl. 1: Automatically unlocked.
  • Lvl. 2: Steal 1 more Helpful effect (2 total). Unlocked at Gear Tier 3.
  • Lvl. 3: Deals an additional 50% damage. Unlocked at Gear Tier 5.
  • Lvl. 4: Once per turn, when an opponent reaches 5 Helpful effects, perform this Ability on them. Unlocked at Gear Tier 7.
  • Lvl. 5: Deals an additional 50% damage. Unlocked at Gear Tier 9.
Special Ability A "The Perfect Cast" Max pulls out a fishing rod and casts towards a target opponent, dealing damage, stealing 2 Helpful effects, and stealing 1 Magic for this Ability per Helpful effect stolen. If Goofy is a teammate, he gains a copy of all effects stolen. If in Club Conquest, repeat the Ability 1 time on the opponent with the most Helpful effects. Costs 4 Magic to use.
  • Lvl. 1: Automatically unlocked.
  • Lvl. 2: Gain an additional 15% Speed Meter per Helpful effect stolen. Unlocked at Gear Tier 3.
  • Lvl. 3: Deals an additional 50% damage. Unlocked at Gear Tier 5.
  • Lvl. 4: Steals an additional Helpful effect (3 total). Unlocked at Gear Tier 7.
  • Lvl. 5: Deals an additional 50% damage. Unlocked at Gear Tier 9.
Special Ability B "Big Moment" Grant a copy of 3 Helpful effects on this character to all teammates. If Powerline is a teammate, he uses his "Eye to Eye" ability regardless of Magic Charge. If Goofy is a teammate, he uses his "Dance Away Your Cares" ability regardless of Magic Charge. Costs 5 Magic to use.
  • Lvl. 1: Unlocked at Gear Tier 3.
  • Lvl. 2: Grant teammates 5% Speed Meter per Helpful effect copied. Unlocked at Gear Tier 5.
  • Lvl. 3: Grant an additional 2% Speed Meter increase. Unlocked at Gear Tier 7.
  • Lvl. 4: Copy an additional Helpful effect to all teammates (4 total). Unlocked at Gear Tier 9.
  • Lvl. 5: Grant an additional 2% Speed Meter increase. Unlocked at Gear Tier 10.
Passive Ability "Not Just a Goof" When Max gains a Helpful effect, he extends the duration of 2 Helpful effects on himself by 1, and grants adjacent teammates 1 Magic for random Abilities. In Club Conquest, he also gains 2 Magic for this Ability. Costs 2 Magic upon activation.
  • Lvl. 1: Unlocked at Gear Tier 4.
  • Lvl. 2: Extends an additional Helpful effect (3 total). Unlocked at Gear Tier 6.
  • Lvl. 3: Extends duration of Helpful effects by 1 (2 total). Unlocked at Gear Tier 8.
  • Lvl. 4: Grants an additional 1 Magic to teammates. Unlocked at Gear Tier 9.
  • Lvl. 5: Extends an additional Helpful effect (5 total). Unlocked at Gear Tier 10.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode[]


Max Goof in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Max Goof is playable character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. Max Goof is Front-line Damage role hero. Max was added during 6th Anniversary Update as a special release hero, being available in Prize Wall event and giveaways. Max Goof performs and does pose like Powerline, plays on air guitar, and rides his skateboard to deal damage and apply debuffs to enemies. Just like Goofy and Powerline, his White Skill applies Blind to enemies. Max Goof has friendship campaign with Luz Noceda and Heinz Doofenshmirtz. Additionally, during his release, Max Goof received unique Avatar Border stylized after him. Max Goof is based on A Goofy Movie.

Max Goof's skills:

Skill Type Skill Name Description
White Skill "Stand Out Performance" Max busts out his best dance move, dealing Fantastic Damage to all enemies while also Blinding them for a time. He and his allies also become Energized and gain increased Movement and Attack Speed for a time.

Additionally, Max and each ally gain stacks of a new buff called Empowered! Each Stack of Empowered will prevent one instance of Energy being stolen.

Green Skill "Jam Session" Max shreds on an air guitar twice, dealing Fantastic Damage to all enemies. Enemies hit also have all of their Buffs Removed.
Blue Skill "It’s shreddin’ time!" Max rides on his skateboard through the battlefield, dealing Normal Damage to all enemies. After riding his skateboard Max gains increased Movement and Attack Speed for a time.

While using this Skill, Max is Untargetable and immune to Disables.

Purple Skill "Nothing but Summer Ahead" When Max or any of his allies have their Energy Stolen by an enemy, they gain stacks of Empowered. This effect can happen on each individual hero once every couple seconds.

Max and his allies deal bonus True Damage with their Basic Attacks while they have at least one stack of Empowered.

Red Skill "Stellar Skateboard" Max activates “Jam Session” at the beginning of each wave. Any time he uses “Jam Session”, if it removes a buff the first time, he will activate it a second time.

Max has his Basic Damage and Skill Power increased by a percent for each Empowered ally. When Max and allies use a stack of Empowered they gain an amount of Energy. This effect can happen to each individual Hero once every couple seconds.

Friendship Disk 1 "???" ???
Friendship Disk 1 "???" ???

Other games[]


Max in Disney Sports Skateboarding.

Max is also a playable character in other such video games as the Goof Troop LCD game made by Tiger Electronics (in which he and P.J. skateboard to collect recyclables to raise enough money to buy tickets for a concert, based on the episode "Maximum Insecurity"), the Goof Troop/An Extremely Goofy Movie-inspired PC game Disney's Extremely Goofy Skateboarding, and such sports-based console games as Disney Golf, Disney Sports Skateboarding, Disney Sports Basketball, and Disney Sports Football.

In the 2001 PlayStation game Goofy's Fun House, while Max does not appear in person, he is mentioned by name by Goofy and his bedroom is one of the many rooms Goofy can explore in the game. Max's room is heavily inspired by its appearance in A Goofy Movie, with the walls adorned by several posters of Powerline and the very same bodybuilder poster seen in the movie hung on the same side of the bed. Likewise, the bedspread of Max's bed sports a white and red checkered design similar to the one seen on Max's bed in the movie. Two portraits of Max can be found in the house, a small one hanging on the wall over the stairs on the first floor, and another of him with his dad hanging over Goofy's bed in the master bedroom upstairs. Both portraits are actually just recycled pieces of promotional artwork for Goof Troop.

Max was also the main player character in the online flash game House of Mouse: Pack the House. During "Level 3: Parking Packers", the player would have Max drive and park all of the cars belonging to each of the club's guests, and then drive the parked cars over to the exit area for the guests to pick up when they were ready to leave, within a certain time limit that got more and more difficult with each round.

Disney Parks[]

Max Character Central

Max, posing for a photo at one of the Disney parks.

Max Goof made his theme park debut in the World According to Goofy parade in 1992. Following the premiere of Goof Troop, Max made regular appearances at the Disney theme parks. In the parks, he appears as his 11 1/2-year-old self regardless of the voice and age change.

Disneyland Resort[]

In World of Color: Season of Light, Max appeared in Goofy's segment, in which they overdo it on the Christmas lights and spark a house fire.

In the 2023 overhaul of Goofy's Playhouse at Disneyland, a number of family pictures of Max and Goofy are hanging around the walls, with the neighboring Goofy's "How to Play" Yard being focused around Max's old play fort.

Walt Disney World[]

Max and Goofy co-starred in the former Mickey's Magical TV World stage show at Mickey's Starland from 1992 through 1996. Goofy told C.J. that Max had to do his school science project about electricity. As they finished singing the Goof Troop theme song, Max did not pay attention just as Goofy shuts the door and gets trapped in the house due to his home security system.

Max performs in his Powerline costume as the opening act for "Mickey's Boo-to-You Halloween Parade" as part of "Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party" following the parade's restoration following the shutdown from the coronavirus pandemic, dancing to both Stand Out and I2I with his backup Cast Member dancers well ahead of the start of the parade procession and following The Headless Horseman making his way down the parade route ahead of them as the opening scene.

Tokyo Disney Resort[]

Max is most heavily featured in the Japanese parks, both as a walkaround character and in numerous Mickey Mouse related merchandise, holiday events and promotions.

Disneyland Paris[]

In 2018, Max starred in Max Live!, a temporary stage show that performed during the Disney FanDaze event. In the show, Max—donning his Powerline costume from A Goofy Movie—hosts a concert with special Disney character guests. Goofy also participates, offering to handle the power cords, but his clumsiness nearly ruins the show. Though initially upset, Max quickly overcomes this and invites his dad to perform "I2I" alongside him.

Hong Kong Disneyland[]

Max firstly appeared in the grand opening of the park in 2005, just a few years before doing occasional meet and greets, and attended the 10th anniversary of the park.

Disney Cruise Line[]

Max occasionally makes appearances aboard the ships of the Disney Cruise Line. One notable occasion in 2016 took place on the Disney Wonder, in which Max and Goofy performed to "I2I" in the lobby.


The Disney Wiki has a listing of the appearances by Max Goof.
Roxanne & Max Spoonerville High School


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Spoonerville High School Roxanne & Max


  • Max and his friend P.J. are unique among Disney characters in that both debuted in animated shorts with a different look from how they would later appear in their more mainstream television appearances, both are sons (instead of nephews) of classic iconic Disney characters (Goofy and Pete, respectively), and both of them are shown to grow up and become adults over the course of their appearances. Huey, Dewey, and Louie are the only other characters of the time to undergo a similar growth in age across their appearances in DuckTales (children), Quack Pack (teenagers), and House of Mouse (young adults), but they don't share as much of the same aforementioned distinctions as Max and P.J. (their classic appearances aren't too different from their appearances in DuckTales and Mickey Mouse Works, and they are nephews of Donald Duck rather than his sons).
  • Though Max's actual ages in Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, An Extremely Goofy Movie, House of Mouse, and Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas were never officially given, best estimates for his ages in An Extremely Goofy Movie and House of Mouse can be extrapolated from how old he is in A Goofy Movie.
    • In The Making of A Goofy Movie, director Kevin Lima describes Max as being 14 years old in that movie. With Max also being a high schooler in A Goofy Movie, which takes place right as he finishes one of his school years, his being 14 would make the school year he completes in the movie most likely be 9th Grade, as 14 is the youngest age student can be while in high school in America (without skipping or repeating any grades, that is).
    • Plus, in the Goof Troop episode "You Camp Take It With You", Max says he's 11½ years old on the first day of summer vacation. If the school year he'd just completed the day before had been 6th Grade (as he's a middle school student in that show), that would align with Max being 14 (or specifically 14½) at the end of 9th Grade in A Goofy Movie. And, with his finishing 9th Grade at 14, he would be turning 15 later that year. With much official merchandise declaring that movie to have taken place in 1995, then if Max were to turn 15 in 1995, the year of his birth would be none other than 1980!
    • Logically speaking, if this pattern were to continue, Max would be 15 after finishing 10th Grade, 16 after 11th Grade, 17 after 12 Grade, and 18 after his freshman year of college. Thus, Max's age in An Extremely Goofy Movie (depending on which month his birthday is, which is also officially unknown) can be roughly estimated to be 17-18 (possibly leaning more towards 18-18½ since the movie spans an entire school year from start to finish).
    • Likewise, as Max is old enough in House of Mouse to be employed as the club's parking valet, but is also said by Minnie to still be a teenager in the episode "Max's New Car", his age (at least in that particular episode) would have to be about 18-19 since the youngest legal age for parking valets in the United States is typically 18.
  • Unfortunately, the same age statistics cannot be applied to Max's appearances in either Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas or Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas as there are no such context clues in those Christmas specials to indicate a chronological placement for them that is more precise than their simply occurring at some nebulous point in time, respectively, earlier in Max's childhood and later in Max's young adult life (although, see the Trivia sections of both specials for more info on their respective continuity placements).
  • Footage of both the Goofy Junior and Max Goof versions of the character is used in the Disney Jr. mini-series A Poem Is... Footage of Goofy Junior from the Goofy shorts "Father's Day Off", "Fathers Are People" (albeit with one scene mirrored), and "Father's Weekend" is used for the poem Home Sweet Home, while footage of the young Max from Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas is used for A Visit from St. Nicholas.


  1. Since Goofy was known as both "George Geef" and "G.G. Geef" in the 1950s shorts, and his son was known as just "Junior" in these same shorts (along with his father calling him "George" at one point in "Father's Day Off"), it stands to reason that the full name of Goofy Junior in the world of the 1950s "George Geef" Goofy shorts would be "George G. Geef Jr."
  2. Whether she is his paternal or maternal grandmother is not known, as she was mentioned, but not seen, in "Fathers Are People".
  3. Mentioned in the episode "Mrs. Spoonerville"
  4. Goofy identified Dr. Frankengoof as his "great grand-uncle", an alternate description for a "great-great-uncle", thereby making Dr. Frankengoof Max's "great-great-great-uncle".
  5. The Goof Troop episode "Hallow-Weenies" features a "Gooferamus T. Goofy", while the episode "Calling All Goofs" instead has Max refer to a "Gooferamus G. Goof". It is entirely possible that these are two separate men and thus are listed here as such, even if their names are admittedly quite similar and both are said to be Goofy's "great-great-granddaddy"/Max's "great-great-great-grandpappy".
  6. Alternately: Lord Dingochotte de La Mancha
  7. Some speculate this name to be that of Goofy's father (and, in turn, Max's paternal grandfather) in the Goof Troop universe, but this has never been confirmed or denied.
  8. In the Goof Troop episode "Great Egg-Spectations", Max briefly attempted to make a raccoon his pet before Goofy told him to take it back to the woods. The raccoon itself did not like the idea of being a pet anyway.
  9. In the storybook adaptation of the same episode, it was a duck instead of a raccoon that Max had wanted to be his pet.
  10. Sparky only appears as Max's pet in the episode "Sherlock Goof". It is not known if he is still around in any other episode or if he remained as Max's pet afterward.
  11. Max receives this saltwater fish as a pet in the June 1994 Disney Adventures magazine's Goof Troop comic strip "A Fishy Tale". By the story's end, he gives the goolup to the circus, who rename it "Goolupinator the Mighty"
  12. After giving the goolup to the circus in "A Fishy Tale", Max gets this goldfish as a replacement pet at very the end of the story. Coincidentally, a pet goldfish is seen in a fish bowl inside the Goofs' house in the episode "Goof Under My Roof".
  13. "You Camp Take It With You"
  14. "Midnight Movie Madness"
  15. "Max's New Car"
  16. 16.0 16.1 16.2 Meaning "Goofy & Max", with "Dingo" being Goofy's French name.
  17. Meaning "Goofy & Son", with "Fedtmule" being Goofy's Danish name.
  18. Meaning "The Goofy Film".
  19. The French title of Goof Troop, meaning, "The Dingo Band"

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Composers: Carl Stalling • Frank ChurchillOliver WallacePaul SmithAlbert Hay MalotteJimmie Dodd • Stephen James Taylor • Mark Watters • Christopher Willis
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Animals: GopherFemale BigfootHumphrey the BearBubbles

Season One: "Forever Goof" • "Axed by Addition" • "Unreal Estate" • "You Camp Take It With You" • "Midnight Movie Madness" • "Counterfeit Goof" • "O, R-V, I N-V U" • "Meanwhile, Back at the Ramp" • "Close Encounters of the Weird Mime" • "Slightly Dinghy" • "Cabana Fever" • "When There's Smoke, There's Goof" • "Date with Destiny" • "Hot Air" • "Take Me Out of the Ball Game" • "Wrecks, Lies & Videotape" • "Max-imum Protection" • "Goofin' Hood and his Melancholy Men" • "Leader of the Pack" • "Inspector Goofy" • "Shake, Rattle & Goof" • "Terminal Pete" • "Fool's Gold" • "Cat's Entertainment" • "Waste Makes Haste" • "The Ungoofables" • "All the Goof That's Fit to Print" • "To Heir is Human" • "Hallow-Weenies" • "Tub Be or Not to Be" • "Major Goof" • "A Goof of the People" • "Goof Under My Roof" • "Lethal Goofin'" • "Frankengoof" • "E=MC Goof" • "Pete's Day at the Races" • "In Goof We Trust" • "And Baby Makes Three" • "The Incredible Bulk" • "Mrs. Spoonerville" • "For Pete's Sake" • "Big City Blues" • "Rally Round the Goof" • "Window Pains" • "Nightmare on Goof Street" • "Where There's a Will, There's a Goof" • "Winter Blunderland" • "Gymnauseum" • "Come Fly with Me" • "As Goof Would Have It" • "Calling All Goofs" • "Buddy Building" • "Dr. Horatio's Magic Orchestra" • "Goofs of a Feather" • "Goof Fellas" • "The Good, the Bad and the Goofy" • "Educating Goofy" • "Peg o' the Jungle" • "Partners in Grime" • "A Pizza the Action" • "To Catch a Goof" • "Gunfight at the Okie-Doke Corral"

Season Two: "Queasy Rider" • "Maximum Insecurity" • "Puppy Love" • "Great Egg-Spectations" • "Three Ring Bind" • "Pistolgeist" • "Bringin' on the Rain" • "Talent to the Max" • "Tee for Two" • "Goofin' Up the Social Ladder" • "Sherlock Goof" • "From Air to Eternity" • "Clan of the Cave Goof"

Goof Troop: Goof Troop Theme SongReindeer RumbaGotta Be Gettin' Goofy

A Goofy Movie: After TodayStand OutOn the Open RoadLester's Possum ParkNobody Else But YouI2I
An Extremely Goofy Movie: Nowhere to RunPressure DropShake Your Groove ThingYou Make Me Feel Like DancingC'mon Get HappyKnock on WoodRight Back to Where We've Started From
Deleted: Made in the ShadeBorn to Be Bad

SpoonervilleLester's Possum Park
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The Disney AfternoonRaw Toonage ("Goofy's Guide to the Olympics") • Mickey's Once Upon a ChristmasESPNESPN 2House of MouseGoofy's Fun HouseMickey's Twice Upon a ChristmasDisney Heroes: Battle Mode

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Recurring Guests: TimonPumbaaJafarIagoHadesMushuCri-KeeArielPrince EricKing TritonFlounderSebastianPeter PanTinker BellJiminy CricketPinocchioGeppettoBlue FairyBelleBeastLumiereCogsworthMrs. PottsChip PottsGastonLeFouDumboTimothy Q. MouseMad HatterMowgliShere KhanThe Three Little Pigs Cruella De VilChernabogMufasaSimbaGrumpyThe Evil QueenMagic MirrorAladdinJasmineCinderellaAnastasia TremaineDrizella TremaineLuciferMaleficentPain and PanicUrsulaBaby ShelbyGoat ManEmperor Kuzco

Season One: "The Stolen Cartoons" • "Big Bad Wolf Daddy" • "The Three Caballeros" • "Goofy's Valentine Date" • "Unplugged Club" • "Timon and Pumbaa" • "Gone Goofy" • "Jiminy Cricket" • "Rent Day" • "Donald's Lamp Trade" • "Donald's Pumbaa Prank" • "Thanks to Minnie" • "Pluto Saves the Day"

Season Two: "Daisy's Debut" • "Goofy for a Day" • "Clarabelle's Big Secret" • "The Mouse Who Came to Dinner" • "Max's New Car" • "Not So Goofy" • "Everybody Loves Mickey" • "Max's Embarrassing Date" • "Where's Minnie?" • "Super Goof" • "King Larry Swings In" • "Ladies' Night" • "Dennis the Duck"
Season Three: "Suddenly Hades" • "Pete's One-Man Show" • "House of Crime" • "Mickey and Minnie's Big Vacation" • "Donald and the Aracuan Bird" • "Goofy's Menu Magic" • "Music Day" • "House of Scrooge" • "Donald Wants to Fly" • "Dining Goofy" • "Chip 'n' Dale" • "Humphrey in the House" • "Ask Von Drake" • "Salute to Sports" • "Pluto vs. Figaro" • "House of Magic" • "Mickey vs. Shelby" • "House of Turkey" • "Pete's Christmas Caper" • "Clarabelle's Christmas List" •"Snow Day" • "Pete's House of Villains" • "Halloween With Hades" • "House Ghosts" • "House of Genius" • "Mickey and the Culture Clash"

Rockin' at the House of MouseMortimer MouseSoup or Salad, Fries or Biscuits, Extra Olives, DonutsBibbidi-Bobbidi-BooBig Bad Wolf DaddyA Parrot's Life for MeLet's Slay the BeastThe Ludwig Von Drake SongIt's Our House Now!The Best Christmas of AllGrim Grinning GhostsHumphrey HopEverybody Wants to Be a WoofI Wanna Be Like M-O-YouPink Elephants on ParadeMy Name is PanchitoBoom-Da-BoomWe Are the Three CaballerosMe the Mouse (and I'm the Duck) (Reprise) • Daisy CrockettThe Daisy Duckie RoomMinnie Mouse (in the House)
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Maleficent's StaffPoisoned AppleSorcerer HatJafar's Snake Staff

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The Jungle Book: BalooKaaKing LouieMowgliShere KhanBagheera
Fantasia: Sorcerer's Apprentice MickeyYen SidChernabogPlatinum Sorcerer's Apprentice MickeySpring Sprite
One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella De VilPerditaPatchWinter Cruella
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack SkellingtonSallyZeroOogie BoogieSanta JackDr. FinkelsteinThe MayorChristmas SallyMan-Eating WreathLockShockBarrel
Pocahontas: PocahontasFlitMeekoPercyGrandmother WillowGovernor RatcliffeColors of the Wind Pocahontas
Big Hero 6: Hiro HamadaBaymaxPlatinum BaymaxHoney Lemon
Wreck-It Ralph: VanellopeRalphYesssFix-It Felix Jr.CalhounKing CandyPixel RalphPrincess Vanellope
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The Rescuers: BernardBiancaMadame Medusa
Robin Hood: Robin HoodMaid MarianLady KluckLittle JohnSir HissPrince John
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: Mr. Toad
The Hunchback of Notre Dame: EsmeraldaQuasimodoHugoFrollo
The Sword in the Stone: ArthurArchimedesMerlinMadam MimSugar BowlYoung Mim
Mickey's Christmas Carol: Bob Cratchit MickeyGhost of Jacob MarleyEbenezer Scrooge McDuckTiny TimEmily Cratchit MinnieGhost of Christmas Future Pete
A Goofy Movie: MaxVacation GoofyPowerlineRoxannePJ
Raya and the Last Dragon: RayaSisuTuk TukNamaariHuman Sisu
The Three Caballeros: JoséPanchitoCaballero Donald
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Onward: IanBarleyThe Manticore
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The Muppets: Kermit the FrogFozzie BearSwedish ChefMiss PiggyGonzoAnimal

The Muppet Christmas Carol: Bob Cratchit KermitMiss Piggy Emily Cratchit
Muppets Haunted Mansion: Madame PigotaGauzey the Hatbox Bear

Star Wars: ReyFinnBB-8Kylo RenLuke SkywalkerPrincess LeiaThe MandalorianGroguChewbaccaHondoFirst Order StormtrooperHan SoloR2-D2Cara DuneMoff GideonDeath TrooperPoe DameronC-3POBoba FettJabba the HuttAnakin Skywalker/Darth VaderQueen AmidalaDarth MaulFennec ShandAhsoka TanoJedi AnakinGeneral GrievousYodaLando CalrissianEmperor PalpatineGrand Moff TarkinK-2SOJyn ErsoCassian AndorObi-Wan KenobiGrand InquisitorWicketJedi Master LukeImperial StormtrooperBo-KatanCad BanePlatinum GroguSalacious CrumbBoushh Disguise LeiaRancorSabine WrenC1-10PMace WinduJar Jar BinksAdmiral AckbarHera SyndullaAdmiral AckbarEmerald YodaMeadow PadméEndor Rebel LeiaQui-Gon Jinn

Indiana Jones: Indiana JonesMarion RavenwoodHelena1969 Indiana Jones
Willow: WillowKit

20th Century Studios
Ron's Gone Wrong: RonBarney

Ice Age: ScratSidMannyDiego
Anastasia: Anastasia RomanovRasputin
Titanic: RoseJack

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Chibi Tiny TalesChibiverse
Animated characters
Amphibia: Anne BoonchuySprig PlantarPolly PlantarHop Pop PlantarMarcy WuSasha WaybrightDominoBessieKing AndriasOne-Eyed Wally

Phineas and Ferb: Candace FlynnPhineas FlynnFerb FletcherPerry the PlatypusHeinz DoofenshmirtzLinda Flynn-FletcherSuper Super Big Doctor
Big City Greens: Cricket GreenTilly GreenAlice GreenBill GreenRemy Remington
DuckTales: Scrooge McDuckMagica De SpellFlintheart GlomgoldWebby VanderquackLaunchpad McQuackHuey, Dewey, and LouieDarkwing DuckFenton CrackshellLena SabrewingBentina Beakley
Tangled: RapunzelFlynn RiderPascalCassandraLance StrongbowMaximusVarian
Moana: MoanaMauiKakamoraPuaHeihei
The Ghost and Molly McGee: Molly McGeeScratchAndrea DavenportLibby Stein-TorresThe ChairmanOliver ChenGeoffJeffPete McGeeSharon McGeeDarryl McGeeThe Ghost Council
The Owl House: Luz NocedaEda ClawthorneKingHootyLilith ClawthorneAmity BlightWillow ParkGus PorterOwlbertGhostStringbeanEmperor BelosHunter
Hamster & Gretel: HamsterGretel Grant-GomezKevin Grant-GomezHiromi Tanaka
The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder: Penny ProudOscar ProudTrudy ProudBeBe & CeCe ProudSuga MamaLaCienega BoulevardezKareem Abdul-Jabbar BrownPuffDijonay Jones
Mickey Mouse & Friends: Mickey MouseMinnie MouseDonald DuckDaisy DuckGoofy
Kim Possible: Kim Possible Ron StoppableRufusShego
Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Star ButterflyMarco DiazPony Head
TaleSpin: BalooKit Cloudkicker
Goof Troop: Max Goof
Bonkers: Bonkers D. Bobcat
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: Chip and Dale
American Dragon: Jake Long: Jake Long
Gravity Falls: Dipper PinesMabel PinesBill CipherWaddlesStan Pines
Gargoyles: GoliathDemona
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Moon GirlDevil DinosaurCasey CalderonThe Beyonder
Milo Murphy's Law: Milo Murphy
Lilo & Stitch: Lilo PelekaiStitchGrand CouncilwomanCaptain GantuJumba JookibaPleakleyMertle EdmondsNani PelekaiDavid KawenaCobra BubblesIce Cream ManPudge
Hailey's On It!: Hailey BanksScott DenogaBetaA.C. Aychvak
Kiff: Kiff ChatterleyBarry BunsCandle Fox
Cinderella: CinderellaJaq and GusLady TremaineAnastasia TremaineDrizella TremaineLuciferMiceBirdsPrince CharmingFairy GodmotherThe Grand Duke
Beauty and the Beast : BelleBeastLumiereCogsworthMrs. PottsChipMauricePhilippeGastonLeFouBimbettesWardrobeWolvesVillagers
Sleeping Beauty : AuroraPrince PhillipFlora, Fauna, and MerryweatherMaleficentDiabloKing StefanQueen LeahForest AnimalsSamson
Hercules: HerculesHadesPegasusPhiloctetesMegaraPain and PanicMusesZeusHeraAmphitryon and AlcmeneHydra
The Emperor's New Groove: KuzcoPachaYzmaKronkChichaChacaTipoBucky the SquirrelJaguarsYupi

Live-Action characters
Halloweentown: Marnie PiperSophie PiperDylan PiperAggie Cromwell

Descendants: MalEvieJayCarlos De VilBenJaneAudreyDougUmaHarry HookDizzy TremaineCelia FacilierFairy GodmotherHades
Zombies: Zed NecrodopolisAddison WellsBucky BuchananWilla LykensenWyatt Lykensen
High School Musical: Troy BoltonGabriella MontezSharpay EvansRyan EvansChad DanforthTaylor McKessieKelsi NielsenZeke BaylorMartha CoxMs. Darbus
Hocus Pocus: Max DennisonDani Dennison,AllisonThackery BinxBilly ButchersonWinifred SandersonMary SandersonSarah Sanderson
Hannah Montana: Miley Stewart
Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie McGuire
Wizards of Waverly Place: Alex Russo
That's So Raven: Raven Baxter
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Zack MartinCody MartinMaddie FitzpatrickLondon TiptonMarion Moseby
K.C. Undercover: K.C. Cooper
Camp Rock: Mitchie TorresShane Grey

Disney Park characters
Pirates of the Caribbean: Treasure SkeletonHector BarbossaReddBeacon JoeCaptain XTreasure KeeperCarlosStupid PiratePooped PirateScalawagPrison DogSeedy PrisonersCooteBillie How
Chibiverse episodes
"Pizza vs. Fireworks" • "Bad Luck Chibis" • "The Great Chibi Mix-Up!" • "Chibi Villains Unite" • "The Chibi Quiz Challenge" • "The Chibi Couple Game"

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Disney feature films
A Goofy Movie: PowerlineMax Goof

Aladdin: AladdinGenieJafarJasmineRajahAbu
Alice in Wonderland: Alice Mad HatterQueen of HeartsCheshire Cat
Atlantis: The Lost Empire: Kida NedakhVincenzo SantoriniHelga SinclairMilo ThatchAudrey Ramirez
Beauty and the Beast: GastonBeastBelleLumiereCogsworth
Big Hero 6: Hiro HamadaBaymaxHoney LemonWasabiGo Go TomagoFred
Bolt: Bolt
Cinderella: Fairy GodmotherCinderella
Frozen: ElsaOlafKristoffSvenAnna
Hercules: HadesHerculesMegaraZeusPhiloctetesPegasus
Lilo & Stitch: StitchPleakleyJumbaAngelLilo Pelekai
Meet the Robinsons Bowler Hat GuyDOR-15
Mickey Mouse & Friends Mickey MouseGoofyMinnie MousePlutoPeteDaisy Duck
Moana: MoanaMaui
Mulan: Fa MulanLi ShangShan YuMushu
One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella De Vil
Peter Pan: Peter PanCaptain Hook
Pocahontas: PocahontasMeeko
Raya and the Last Dragon: RayaSisuNamaari
Robin Hood: Robin HoodSheriff of NottinghamLittle John
Sleeping Beauty: MaleficentAuroraPrince Phillip
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The Evil QueenSnow White
Tangled: RapunzelFlynn RiderMaximusMother GothelStabbington Brothers
The Black Cauldron: The Horned King
The Emperor's New Groove: YzmaKronkPachaKuzco
The Great Mouse Detective: Basil of Baker Street
The Hunchback of Notre Dame: EsmeraldaQuasimodoPhoebus
The Jungle Book: King LouieBalooBagheeraKaaShere Khan
The Lion King: ScarRafikiTimonPumbaaSimbaNala
The Little Mermaid: ArielUrsulaKing Triton
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack SkellingtonSallyOogie BoogieLock, Shock, and BarrelMayor of Halloween Town
The Princess and the Frog: Dr. FacilierTianaLouis
The Rescuers Down Under: Percival C. McLeach
The Sword in the Stone: MerlinMadam Mim
Treasure Planet: Captain AmeliaJim HawkinsJohn Silver
Wreck-It Ralph: Wreck-It RalphVanellope von SchweetzFix-It Felix Jr.Sergeant CalhounShank
Winnie the Pooh: Winnie the PoohTiggerEeyore
Zootopia: Judy HoppsNick WildeYax FinnickChief BogoClawhauserKoslovMr. BigBellwether

Disney animated shows
Amercian Dragon: Jake Long: Jake LongRose
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: Chip and DaleGadget HackwrenchZipper

Darkwing Duck: Darkwing DuckMegavoltQuackerjackNegaduck
DuckTales: Scrooge McDuckDonald DuckHuey, Dewey, and LouieFenton CrackshellLaunchpad McQuackMagica De Spell
Gargoyles: GoliathDemona
Kim Possible: Kim PossibleDr. DrakkenShegoRon StoppableRufusDuff KilliganMonkey Fist
Phineas and Ferb: Agent PHeinz Doofenshmirtz
The Owl House: Eda ClawthorneLuz Noceda

A Bug's Life: FlikHopper

Brave: Merida
Coco: Miguel RiveraDante
Finding Nemo: GeraldMarlinNemoHankDory
Inside Out: AngerJoySadnessDisgustFear
Luca: Luca PaguroAlberto Scorfano
Monsters, Inc.: James P. SullivanBooMike WazowskiRandall Boggs
Onward: Ian LightfootCorey the ManticoreBarley Lightfoot
Ratatouille: Alfredo LinguiniRemyColette TatouChef Skinner
Soul: 22
The Incredibles: Mr. IncredibleElastigirlDash ParrViolet ParrJack-Jack ParrFrozoneSyndromeThe UnderminerVoyd
Toy Story: WoodyBuzz LightyearJessieRexEmperor ZurgBo PeepBilly, Goat, and GruffDuke CaboomDucky and BunnySlinky DogHamm
Turning Red: Mei Lee
Up: Carl FredricksenDugRussellKevin

Disney live-action films
Hocus Pocus: Winifred SandersonSarah SandersonMary SandersonThackery BinxBilly Butcherson

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack SparrowHector BarbossaTia DalmaDavy Jones
The Rocketeer: Cliff Secord
Tron: Kevin FlynnQuorraTron

The Muppets
AnimalMiss PiggyGonzoDr. Bunsen HoneydewBeakerKermit the FrogThe Swedish ChefFozzie BearStatler and WaldorfSweetums