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*Countess Vaughn as Office Admin. Assistant
*Countess Vaughn as Office Admin. Assistant
*Dennis Haskins as Mr. Kohls
*Dennis Haskins as Mr. Kohls
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Max Keeble's Big Move is a live action comedy film made in 2001 that was made by Disney. It starred Alex D. Minz as the titular character, along with Zena Gray, Josh Peck, Larry Miller, Robert Carradine, Nora Dunn, Noel Fischer, and Orlando Brown, as well as directed by Tim Hill. It was released on October 5, 2001, and rated PG for Bullying and Rude behavior



  • Alex D. Linz as Max Keeble
  • Zena Grey as Megan
  • Josh Peck as Robert "Robe"
  • Noel Fisher as Troy McGinty
  • Robert Carradine as Don Keeble
  • Nora Dunn as Lily Keeble
  • Jamie Kennedy as The Evil Ice Cream Man
  • Larry Miller as Principal Elliot T. Jindraike
  • Orlando Brown as Dobbs
  • Justin Berfield as Caption writer
  • Brooke Anne Smith as Jenna
  • Kyle Sullivan as Techie kid
  • Tony Hawk as himself (cameo)
  • Lil' Romeo as himself (cameo)
  • Clifton Davis as Superintendent Bobby "Crazy Legs" Knebworth
  • Amy Hill as Ms. Phyllis Rangoon
  • Amber Valletta as Ms. Dingman
  • Martin Spanjers as Runty Band Member
  • Adam Lamberg as High Schooler on Motorcycle
  • Countess Vaughn as Office Admin. Assistant
  • Dennis Haskins as Mr. Kohls
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