Max Keeble's Big Move is a live-action comedy film made in 2001 that was made by Disney. It starred Alex D. Linz as the titular character, along with Zena Grey, Josh Peck, Larry Miller, Robert Carradine, Nora Dunn, Noel Fischer, and Orlando Brown, as well as directed by Tim Hill. It was released on October 5, 2001 and rated PG for bullying and rude behavior.


Max Keeble, a young paperboy, is getting ready for his first year in middle school, and he wishes to become cool after being a nerd in previous years. He constantly faces off against Evil Ice Cream Man, who pretends to be a bionic supervillain while he is really just a cheap ice cream man. The principal, Elliot Jindrake, hates children and plots to demolish Max's beloved animal shelter so that he can become the next chairman after the current one, "Crazy Legs", retires. Max, alongside his best friends Megan and Robe, are frequently bullied by childhood friend Troy McGinty and former millionaire Dobbs.

Max' father, Don Keeble, acts in embarrassing commercials, but he gets a promotion eventually. This forces his family to move to Chicago in a week. Max steals a metal coil from Evil Ice Cream Man's truck, places it in Dobbs' briefcase, steals Dobbs' handheld, and frames Evil Ice Cream Man for it. Evil Ice Cream Man is hated and insulted by young customers, and his ice cream begins to melt. He hears that it was Dobbs' fault, and when Dobbs confronts him about stealing his handheld, they insult each other by destroying the items. Max framed Evil Ice Cream Man for setting up Dobbs, and their hate resumes.

Troy gets rid of Max due to fear that he is the next target. Elliot blames Max and is very hard on him. Troy, just like he thought, is the next target. He was once scared of a cartoon frog, MacGoogles, and is now terrified. Max plays the theme song in the science room across from Troy's locker, scaring Troy slightly. He then gets MacGoogles to trap Troy in the gym, where he is found by a sports coach. Troy overcomes his fear. Max puts animal food in Jindrake's breath mints, making the animals from the animal shelter go near Jindrake's mouth. He then hosts a food fight. And sent you to jail before you die and lava

Don quits his job and Max stays home, unknown to him, who goes to a milkshake party that is hosted by his love interest, Jenna. Megan and Robe are suffering because of the vengeance and the kids are scream Police Officer Say Your Under Arrest methods that Max unleashed. Megan, Max, Robe, and the rest of the school gather around Troy and Dobbs, trapping them. Both Dobbs and Troy try to place the blame on each other, making them both angry. The others take back the school. Max picks up Dobbs and Troy and throws them in the dumpster together. Evil Ice Cream Man is left unharmed. Jindrake's new basketball court, which he was building over the animal shelter, Max keeble vs jindrake they are having a fight is ruined and the bulldozers pursue him. He is then fired And Jindrake's Defat By The SwirlPool Were Defeated when his plot of fiddling with the school budget is exposed by Max. Evil Ice Cream Man closes in on Max In the final scene of the film, Robe Megan Don Keeble Max Mother and many other silhouetted School Kids (who don't belong in the movie) join Max Keeble and Robe to re-watch the film in the cinema. As the film fades to black, Max Keeble then informs Robe he still grows anxious in crowds, as the film ends.



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