Max Modell is a Marvel Comics character that appears in Spider-Man, voiced by Fred Tatasciore. He is the director and founder of Horizon High.

Max Modell was created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos.



Max Modell founded and became the head of Horizon High. He employed Otto Octavius and Adrian Toomes. However, Max fired Toomes for stealing equipment.

Sometime later, Max came to Midtown High with Harry Osborn, Miles Morales, and Anya Corazon for a special lecture and exhibition. During the presentation, one of the machines the Horizon High students brought malfunctioned. What no one knew was that the machine was sabotaged by Spencer Smythe to get revenge on Max. Thankfully, Spider-Man came and stopped it. Then, Spencer Smythe shows everyone a picture of Harry near the machine and accuses Harry of sabotaging the machine. Because of this, Max was forced to suspend Harry from Horizon High until an investigation could be done. Later, he met with Peter Parker and offered him a place in Horizon High, Peter accepts.

NASA gave Max a substance with he called V-252. Max decides to exhibit it at the Stark Expo as Horizon's science project. However, it went missing for a time until Peter brought it back admitting he took it for his own experiments. Because of this, Max forbid Peter from being involved in further experimentation of the V-252. Peter also warned Max not to use it at the Stark Expo, but Max ignored him. It wasn't until Spider-Man bonded with it again to stop Ghost, he realized Peter was right. When Tony Stark offered to take the V-252 to the Avengers lab, Max gave it to him without any arguments.

Sometime later, a teacher at Midtown High tried to petition that Max can no longer recruit students from Midtown to attend Horizon High. However, Max convinced the teacher to let him but only on the teacher's recommendations.

Guardians of the Galaxy

In "Drive Me Carnage", he was seen at Horizon High when Peter Parker, Star-Lord, and Rocket Raccoon arrive looking for the V-252. Peter had to pass Star-Lord off as his similarly-named cousin and Rocket Raccoon as a prototype animatronic. Though Rocket Raccoon stunned Max anyway.

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