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The Mayan Clan is a gargoyle clan located in Chac Ixchel, Guatemala.



The members of the Mayan Clan are the protectors of the rain forests of Guatemala. This clan possessed four amulets, powered by a larger Sun Amulet, forged by their previous human protectorate the Mayans that allowed the wearers to stay awake during the daytime for 24-hour protection. Three years before the Avalon Travelers met the Mayan Clan, it was attacked by human poachers, and all but the four gargoyles wearing the pendants, who were patrolling the green during the attack, were killed and the Sun Amulet was stolen. The amulet later sat in the American Museum of Natural History in New York and was almost destroyed by Hyena who was to destroy it in a coordinated attack with Jackal in Guatemala. Broadway and Lexington from the Manhattan Clan foiled that attempt and now hold the Sun Amulet.

After their encounter with Goliath, Elisa, and Angela, Jade and Turquesa went to Avalon to plant and raise several valuable plants and herbs threatened by the development of the rain forest. ("The Green")


Members of the Mayan Clan have much in common with other gargoyles around the world. They seem to come in a wide variety of colors and several of the most common wing types have been seen among their members. They do, however, show several distinct local characteristics. Though some do have brow horns, most or all of the members possess a large crest behind their brows. These crests come in many different forms.

A majority of the Mayan Clan has lower bodies that have formed into a snake-like form without separate legs or tail. These gargoyles also have a series of scales along their abdomen. One unusual wing type has seen among this clan is a feathered wing of a slightly different style than the feathered wings seen among the London Clan. Though no members have been seen with beaks as of yet, there does exist a reptilian jaw of a sort and some gargoyles possess reptilian eyes as well. Three different ear types have been seen among this clan, and two hair colors (black and white). No other information exists at this time, though it is clear that there are likely to be other unique features among these gargoyles.

This clan also includes gargoyle beasts, but as these have never been seen, their characteristics are unknown.

Compared to other-known modern day clans, the Mayan Clan only uses names (based on the stone pendant) to designate their "office" as a pendant wearer.


The four members of the clan are:

  • Zafiro - wore the sapphire amulet.
  • Obsidiana - wore the obsidian amulet.
  • Jade - (pronounced 'Ha-day') wore the jade amulet.
  • Turquesa - wore the turquoise amulet.

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