Mayor Toadstool is a recurring character and occasional antagonist in Amphibia. He is the mayor of Wartwood Swamp



Mayor Toadstool is a shady mayor. He cheats out everyone for his own greedy desires and cares more about his image. He considers everyone, especially Anne and the Plantars, beneath him and is not afraid to openly voice his disdain for them. He is remarkably clever however and a quick plotter; loving to cash in on an opportunity when it falls in his lap.

He does show off a reasonably honorable side however. He was willing to hold up his end of any deals or bargains that he took part in. He will also risk his life to protect and save the people of Wartwood, though he admits it is for his own greedy benefit.

Physical appearance


  • Mayor Toadstool considers himself a toad. Despite this, he is classified as a frog.
  • He may have had connections to the toads of Toad Tower. By the events of "Reunion", he seems to have distanced himself from them.


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