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Mayor Froderick Toadstool is a recurring character and occasional antagonist in Amphibia. He is the mayor of Wartwood Swamp



Mayor Toadstool is a shady mayor. He cheats out everyone for his own greedy desires and cares more about his image. He considers everyone, especially Anne and the Plantars, beneath him and is not afraid to openly voice his disdain for them. He is remarkably clever however and a quick plotter; loving to cash in on an opportunity when it falls in his lap.

He does show off a reasonably honorable side however. He was willing to hold up his end of any deals or bargains that he took part in. He will also risk his life to protect and save the people of Wartwood, though he admits it is for his own greedy benefit (though judging by the manner of how he said it, he probably meant it in a joking manner). However, Anne's heroism inspired him to reformed himself.

Physical appearance

Mayor Toadstool is a large light green toad with smooth skin and large eyes. He wears a maroon jacket with dark elbow patches and gold designs on the jacket's edges. He also wears a lilac cravat, a white undershirt, puffy dark gray pants, and dark brown shoes.

In addition, Mayor Toadstool has five gold rings on his fingers, two of which have red gemstones and one of which has a light blue gemstone. He is even frequently seen walking around with a curved gold cane.

Role in the series

In "Anne or Beast?", Mayor Toadstool is first seen listening to One-Eyed Wally describe his encounter with a monster in the woods. Toadstool then declares that the creature should be caught and dealt with as that is the 'right' thing to do for his citizens as everyone applauds for him. Toadstool then organizes a mob to hunt down the monster who turns out to be a human girl named Anne Boonchuy. After Anne saves the mob from a giant red mantis, Toadstool and the mob tries to run Anne out of town, only to be stopped by Sprig Plantar. Toadstool then begrudgingly allows Sprig's grandfather, Hop Pop take Anne in into his home and leaves with the rest of the mob.

In "Hop Luck", Mayor Toadstool is holding Wartwood's annual potluck where he taste-testing all of the competitors' dishes. He approaches the last delicacy which belongs to the Plantar family. He compliments their dish consisting of a tomato, but after tasting it, he informs that while it is the best dish they made so far, it still tastes the worse. This causes Anne and the Plantars to lose the potluck and sit in the shame cage.


  • He shares similarities with Prince John as both were greedy corrupt official who collecting taxes from poverty to become the richest in the world. Their differences are that Prince John is a villain and didn't redeem himself while Mayor Toadstool isn't and does redeem himself.
  • Unlike the other toads shown throughout the series, Mayor Toadstool does not have pointed teeth.
  • According to Matt Braly, he and Toadie are in love, inferring that they are indeed a couple.[1]



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