Mayor Turkey Lurkey is the mayor of Oakey Oaks in Disney's 2005 animated feature film, Chicken Little.



The Mayor is a very incompetent official, often in need of assistance of his bodyguards to tell him what to say via cue cards. He is easily distracted too, having stopped to pick a penny thus stalling the whole town on their way to the baseball field, and missing the UFO leaving. He also seems very tense and nervous, as he's always seen trembling and with a worried face and apparently doesn't know how to cope with difficult situations, offering the aliens Tic-Tacs just because he drew a blank on what to do.

Role in the film

Turkey Lurkey is first seen in a ceremony taking place in which a statue of himself was crushed by the top of the water tower at the beginning of the film. He is later seen during a game of baseball with one of his agents carrying signs telling Chicken Little what to do. Later when aliens arrive in Oakey Oaks, he and the other citizens are seen in a state of panic where he becomes distracted and discovers a penny and picks it up, temporarily stopping the entire mob. Later, he and the other citizens do not believe aliens exist, even though Chicken Little, Runt, Abby, and Fish discovered them. Later when an alien invasion prepares an ambush, Turkey Lurkey offers the aliens several items in hopes of not getting abducted to no avail and gets abducted regardless. Later, Turkey Lurkey is seen with the other citizens brought back to Oakey Oaks when the aliens are restoring the town. When the aliens leave and return to outer space during the end of the film, he and the other citizens watch Chicken Little's new movie. He is later seen during the credits singing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" with one of his agents flipping through cue cards containing the lyrics.

Role In the Game

Turkey Lurkey's Role is much more bigger than in the actual Movie. After he Witnesses the invasion of the aliens in his town, he sees a truck that has a cannon mounted on it. Seeing this opportunity, he proceeds to jump into the cannon and fire at the aliens while they're flying around in their walkers. After the Alien walkers are defeated, the driver in the truck drives him around so he can shoot down the saucers next. After he manages to shoot down the saucers, he supposedly tells the driver to go after the main one. He chases after and tries to shoot down the main saucer, unfortunately he along with the Cannon-mounted Truck are supposedly vaporized before or After chicken little and his father manages to reach the top of City hall and are Vaporized too.


  • Ironically, in the first alternate opening, Don Knotts also voiced the narrator where the alternate opening would start from a storybook opening. However, for the final version of the film, it was decided to keep the opening with Garry Marshall's narration, because Knotts' narration didn't sound fitting for audiences of all ages.

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