McDuck's Department Store Outside

An exterior shot of McDuck's Department Store.

McDucks's Department Store is a shop located in the American Waterfront area of Tokyo DisneySea. It is named after, and owned by, Scrooge McDuck. The department store occupies a whole block of New York City. What started out as a pawnshop is now a booming business. He's so rich he can even make a fountain out of gold coins! This duck is truly living the American dream.

The store is probably the second largest shop in Tokyo DisneySea, after Emporio. Like Emporio, McDuck's sells general DisneySea souvenir merchandise: stuffed toys, apparel, candies, Confectionery, accessories, stationery and much more are available here all with a DisneySea spin. The theming in McDuck's is a little nicer though, with a warm, old-timey department store feel.

Unlike most real department stores, McDuck's department store is only one floor.


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