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McGregor Houghton is the tritagonist of the 2021 Disney live-action film Jungle Cruise, which is based on the ride of the same name. He is the younger brother of Lily Houghton.


McGregor Houghton is the brother of the adventurous Lily Houghton. In 1916, they traveled to the Amazon rainforest in search for the mythical Tears of the Moon.

Role in the film[]

McGregor is first seen telling the people at the Royal Society a story of what happened in the South American jungle explaining to the public of how Lope de Aguirre and his conquistadors searched the sacred Tree of Life at the region of Lágrimas de Cristal where the true source of legend would be found and the Tears of the Moon is not a myth to which Sir James explains to him that the information he provided to the people is false, explaining that the archives are focused on the providence of legitimate scholars, not inspired amateurs. Just as McGregor continues explaining his examination, Sir James tells him that he presents him an audience in deference to his late father, explaining to him that this deference is a remarkable paper which was submitted by Dr. Lily Houghton to which he offers him to find his way out. Later when Lily is escaping from Prince Joachim and Sir Charles with the Arrowhead she retrieved from the Albert Falls Expedition crate, McGregor attempts to save Lily who is above him to which Lily drops into a double-decker bus full of soldiers while McGregor attempts to catch up with Lily who is on the bus.

At home, Lily is discussing with her younger brother about a magical petal from the Tree of Life is the one that can heal, save countless lives, and change the world to which MacGregor explains that he would visit his relatives in Scotland instead, to which Lily explains to him that he can stay there and not worry about the Amazon jungle. As Lily explains that she doesn't mind about going to the Amazon all by herself, McGregor feels concerned to know who will protect her from the dangers of the Amazon to which she explains that she doesn't know who will protected. Lily then changes her mind, deciding to take her brother to the Amazon where a skipper will guide them.

McGregor and his sister arrive at the village of Porto Velho, Brazil, where they attempt to look for Nilo Nemolato in Porto Velho only to find out that he is not present on his ship so the two go to the Hotel de Ferreira where Nemolato himself would be at. While exploring the bar and looking for Nilo Nemolato, McGregor passes by a group of people betting on a fight between a tarantula and a scorpion just as he attempts to look for Nemolato. McGregor suddenly finds Nemolato and brings him to Lily. Later when Proxima walks through the bar, McGregor observes Frank dealing with the jaguar inside the bar to which Frank manages to distract her by tossing a steak out of the window.

After Frank fixed the engines on his ship, he approaches McGregor who tells him that the luggages being delivered to the La Quila contain necessary items for him. However, believing that there is not enough weight for the ship, he tosses some of his luggage whom he thinks some of them won't be fit in the ship only to find out Lily is not present with him. Later when McGregor explains that he needs the luggage full of toiletries for the expedition, he spies Nilo's men approaching to which MacGregor gets in the ship where Frank is at so that he can escape with the skipper. McGregor asks him to know why Nilo's men are chasing them to which Frank explains that he has no idea why they are chasing them. Later when trying to look for Lily, his sister manages to survive a brawl at the marketplace while freeing some smuggled toucans and monkeys while dealing with some thugs to which Lily manages to use a zip line to land on the dock where the La Quila would pass through. Later with Lily onboard Frank's ship, McGregor gets ambushed by Prince Joachim and his soldiers who are on their way to steal the Arrowhead to which during the ambush, McGregor's sister helps Frank escape from Joachim and his soldiers by speeding up the ship's engine as the ship continues its journey to the Lágrimas de Cristal.

As the La Quila passes through the river dolphin area, Lily tells her brother to wake up to see these majestic animals they have never seen before to which McGregor starts to experience something unique on his adventure. Later when the La Quila passes through a lily pad area, McGregor asks Frank that he is hungry and hasn't eaten for a while so he decides to catch some piranhas and so that he can provide the couple some food to which Lily and her brother started enjoying the freshly-cooked piranha. After dinner, Frank tells McGregor that he can sleep anywhere downstairs except for his cabin which is off limits just as Frank discusses with Lily with McGregor getting ready for bed. McGregor goes below deck where he would find a place to rest, not noticing that Proxima is around. Suddenly, McGregor is frightened by Proxima who chases him onboard the La Quila much to Lily's worry that Frank brought a jaguar onboard the ship to which the skipper was able to calm her.

The next day, McGregor and his sister find themselves at the Garganta del Diablo with McGregor and his sister onboard alongside Frank and Proxima. Lily approaches her brother and shows him the Arrowhead, warning him not to lose this extremely rare artifact. As the La Quila arrives at the rapids, Frank tells MacGregor, Lily, and Proxima to prepare for the high turbulence of the rapids to which McGregor manages to survive the rapids after Frank navigated his ship through the rapids. As the La Quila arrives at Ucayali Cove, McGregor disembarks from Frank's ship and discusses with Frank of how he lived with her sister for two days while chopping some wood to which he shares his experience of how life in the jungle is tough while getting used to Lily accompanying him. During the conversation with Frank, MacGregor shares his experience of how his uncle almost attempted to exclude him from the Houghton family if it weren't for his sister. Suddenly, McGregor faces Proxima who tells her to promise not to bite her if he decides to pet her. However, McGregor and his sister are struck by darts fired by the Puka Michuna tribe alongside Frank where they are taken to the headhunter territory. As Frank and Lily speak to their chief, it is revealed that the danger was faux so that McGregor and Frank are suddenly free after the chief is revealed to be Trader Sam and the danger is revealed to be a false alarm. McGregor then listens to Trader Sam who is explaining that the legend of the Tears of the Moon must be bloomed under the moonlight during a blood moon which is the only moment for the Tears to bloom and it is known that this phenomenon is only found at the La Luna Rota region. Later, McGregor then shows a golf club to a group of tribesmen and explains to them what it does to them. Suddenly, when Aguirre and his men were revived and start attacking the Puka Michuna tribe, McGregor takes on Sancho, a conquistador fused with honey and bees. During the battle, Sancho attempts to strike McGregor and his sister but is hit by a golf club used by a Puka Michuna member. McGregor manages to escape along with her sister who has the Arrowhead with her.

The next day, McGregor approaches Frank who is shown to have survived the ambush albeit with a sword placed on him. After Lily removes the sword, McGregor suddenly faints. The next day, McGregor is seen rowing on his rowboat while singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat" telling Trader Sam to sing with him to which she tells him to stop while on their way to the La Luna Rota only to see Prince Joachim and his followers onboard his submarine and while on Joachim's submarine where Prince Joachim brings McGregor in, Joachim explains to McGregor about the details of the jungle and how he enjoyed his life exploring the jungle to which McGregor replies that the jungle has "actually rather grown on him" to which Joachim doesn't care about this just as one of one of Prince Joachim's soldiers, Axel, alerts the crew that they have arrived at the Puka Michuna tribe area where the Arrowhead would be at, much to McGregor's worry about what Joachim would do to the tribe.

Still on Joachim's submarine, McGregor asks Prince Joachim to know where the Tree of Life is at to which Joachim is bothered by some of Sancho's bees and upon hitting the bees, Joachim sees the area where the Tree would be at as Joachim's submarine continues its way to the La Luna Rota region. Upon arriving the La Luna Rota region, McGregor arrives on the La Quila alongside Joachim and his soldiers where he, Lily, and Frank are confronted by Joachim where Joachim reveals his true colors just before the La Quila arrives at the ancient temple where the Tears of the Moon are at.

Arriving at the area where Aguirre and his conquistadors were punished by the jungle for trying to steal the Arrowhead, McGregor, Frank, and Lily explore the area where the Tears of the Moon are at where McGregor remains onboard watching Lily and Frank trying to seek the Tears of the Moon to which McGregor sees the sacred tree growing the Tears of the Moon petals on it. Later as Lily reaches the top of the tree to get a petal, McGregor notices the Moon setting itself just as he notices the petals are being withered to which Lily successfully grabs one. Later, McGregor and Frank are planning to rescue Lily who is being assaulted by Joachim in which Frank grabs the last surviving petal. Later, Frank tells Proxima to protect McGregor while preparing to sacrifice the La Quila by crashing it into a wall.

Later, Joachim becomes very enraged and threatens to kill McGregor, Lily, and Proxima in which McGregor feels furious with Joachim who betrayed him just as McGregor knocks Joachim into a wall where he is crushed by falling debris. With Joachim crushed to death, Lily reacts to what McGregor did to him. McGregor later notices Frank crashing his ship into the pillars to block the river alongside Lily and Proxima followed by the three of them looking at Frank being grabbed by the vines and later being petrified alongside the other conquistadors. McGregor later notices Frank who was petrified while being grabbed by the vines along side the other conquistadors to which after Lily places a petal of the Tears of the Moon, Frank is brought back to life just as Frank rejoices with MacGregor, Lily, and Proxima.

The next day, McGregor sails back to Porto Velho via raft alongside Frank, Lily, and Proxima where the four approach Nilo Nemolato. Back at England, MacGregor is present telling the Royal Society about what he experienced during his trip to the Amazon jungle from river dolphins, undead conquistadors, and a tribe whose chief is a woman which were part of the journey that the likes of which the Royal Society has never seen - an adventure truly worthy of this association. He then explains that his sister Lily who was hired as full professor at Cambridge has asked him to reject the invitation she showed him to which he decides to reject the invitation with the Royal Society, much to the crowd of men who are all dissatisfied with McGregor for rejecting the invitation while the women in the crowd applaud him just before McGregor leaves.


  • In 2018 the Sun reported that Jack Whitehall would be playing a gay character.[1] Some have criticized the casting of a straight actor for the role. However, the character ended up receiving positive praise due to the handling of his homosexuality.
  • Interestingly, actors Jack Whitehall and Emily Blunt who both play McGregor and Lily Houghton respectively, were both born in London where they live minutes away from each other; however, Whitehall and Blunt did not meet each other until the filming of the Jungle Cruise movie.[2]


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