McLeach's Bushwacker was a Monstrous Poacher Bushwacker owned by the main villain, Percival McLeach. It was equipped with radar, a giant cage, a giant grill, and a PA system.

Role in the film

McLeach's Bushwacker first appeared along the Forest Road when Cody, despite the Baitmouse's warnings, inadvertently fell into the tiger trap when trying to free it. McLeach then found Cody in the trap where he discovered the boy's encounter with the eagle Marahute. Afterwards, its cage was used to contain Cody when McLeach kidnapped him (and also faked Cody's death by feeding his bag to crocodiles) and drove back to his hideout. He later used it to capture Marahute after he tricked Cody into revealing her location so he could capture her and her eggs. With a mounted launcher he fired a massive net at Marahute, snatching her in mid-air and then loading her into the cage. During this, he captured Cody again, along with Bianca and Jake who were trapped with Cody. He then drove back to Crocodile Falls to have Cody fed alive to the crocs below, suspending him from the truck's mounted crane over the rapids. However Bernard, who was left behind when unable to reach Cody eventually caught up to the truck with the help of a razorback and stole the keys, leaving the truck without power. While fending off Joanna, Bernard tasked Bianca and Jake with using the keys to bust the cage open, and rushed to Cody's rescue by knocking McLeach and Joanna into the rapids. Bianca and Jake were able to escape on Marahute's back, and the eagle saved Bernard and Cody from the nearby waterfall. The bushwacker was left abandoned on the rapids as McLeach fell over the waterfall to his death, leaving its fate unknown. It was likely discovered by the rangers some time later.

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