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"Me No Know" is the first segment of the fifty-fifth episode of Recess.


Vince feels left out of the loop when everyone on the playground begins quoting lines from the latest screwball comedy, "Me No Know", and sets out to see the film, but his parents refuse to let him see the movie because it's too immature, so he decides to sneak out and see the movie, anyway.


One morning, Vince enters school having watched the basketball playoffs all weekend, where he hears Gordy say "What's he talking about?" and Phil replies, "Me no know!" which causes everyone in class to laugh. T.J. asks Vince if he has seen the newest movie, "Nitwitz 3" the previous weekend, but Vince tells the class that he had forgotten to see the new movie because he had been watching the playoffs all weekend, which he has been waiting to see since the movie "The Distinguished Knucklehead" was released on video, and the rest of the gang chuckle in amusement.

Later, during lunch, Vince goes outside, where he hears Menlo cry, "Watch out, Sammy!" and he watches Randall cry, "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Help me mama, I've got weasels in my pants!" That night, Vince wants to spend his money to see the movie, but his parents tell him that the movie is rated NK-11, and the last thing they want him is driving them crazy with lines from the whole movie.

The next day at school, during recess, Vince bounces a basketball, until Lawson catches and shoves it under his shirt, and then his gang ask him where it went, forcing him to reply, "Me no know!" Vince then walks over to see what the Hustler Kid is up to, where he holding watches saying, "Watch out, Sammy!" Vince then decides to spend recess indoors with the Pale Kids, which ought to be his last hopes. Vince asks them if he wants to spend recess indoors with them, but the Pale Kids together, "Me no know!"

A few days later, Vince secretly telephones his local cinema, where he hears a trailer for a movie about pandas. Then he leaves with a pencil and notepad, telling his mother that he is off to the library whereas he is really sneaking out to the movies as a secret. When he reaches the cinema, he finds Miss Finster, who is going to see the movie. Vince tells the ticket vendor that she is pretending to be "his aunt", and then he goes inside to the show. Instead of laughing, Vince writes every word out of the movie. Later, when the movie has ended, Vince quotes lines just as he finds his parents outside the cinema. Back at home, they tell Vince that they were unable to trust him and tell him not to watch TV for a week.

On Monday, having forgotten to see "Nitwitz 3" the previous week, he enters school, quoting lines much like before. However, the rest of the class state that they had seen a movie called "Moron Patrol", which had been broadcasted on the rest of the weekend. Together the class says, "Captain Dumbbell!" which is likely the protagonist of the movie. Vince, dejected, calls himself "Captain Dumbell."



  • It is unkown how did Vince's parents know Vince was at the theater.
  • The movie "Nitwitz 3" is a parody of "The Three Stooges.
  • The movie "The Distinguished Knucklehead" is a parody of "The Distinguished Gentleman".
  • The NK-11 rating is a parody of the NC-17 (and possibly PG-13) rating.
  • This is the only Recess episode where Vince's parents have a speaking role.
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