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"Me the Mouse (and I'm the Duck)" is a song from the House of Mouse television series episode, "Daisy's Debut". Daisy Duck is given a chance to perform a duet with Mickey Mouse at the club, which makes Minnie Mouse feel left out. When Daisy notices this, she fakes a broken leg and has Minnie perform in her place. Sebastian makes a cameo during the song's bridge.



Mickey: Has anybody seen
And anybody heard
All the different ways
For saying a word
I tell ya, my friend
It's really absurd
You'll see

I say abstract
Daisy: I say ab-stract
Mickey: I say compact
Daisy: I say com-pact
Mickey: I would say contract
Daisy: I say con-tract
Both: Who cares how you pronounce it?
We might as well announce it!
Forever we're together we're stuck!
Mickey: Even though I'm a mouse
Daisy: And I'm a duck!

Mickey: I say perfect!
Daisy: I say per-fect!
Mickey: Well, I say subjects!
Daisy: I say sub-jects!
Mickey: This is so complex.
Daisy: I say com-plex!
Both: Who cares the way you say it
Or how the band'll play it?
We're buddies and we're not going back!
Mickey: Even though I'm a mouse, but don't squeak!
Daisy: And I would go quack!

Mickey: Caramel!
Daisy: Caramel! (cairamel)
Mickey: New Orleans!
Daisy: New Orleans! (eens)
Mickey: St. Louis!
Daisy: St. Louie to me!
Mickey: Oh, uh, lever!
Daisy: Leaver!
Mickey: Caribbean!
Daisy: Caribbean! (carUbbean)
Mickey: Paris!
Daisy: Pronounce it Parie!

Mickey: Well, I say root!
Daisy: And I say route!
Mickey: Now don't you poot!
Daisy: I think you mean pout!
Both: Maybe someday, we'll figure it out
But as long as we're together
It doesn't matter whether
We're never ever down on our luck!
'Cause we're friends
Mickey: Me the mouse
Daisy: And I'm the duck!

Both: Bop op do bop!

(Mickey and Minnie pronounce all the words the same)
Mickey: I say abstract

Minnie: And I say abstract

Mickey: I say compact

Minnie: I say compact

Mickey: I say contract

Minnie: I say contract

Both: Who cares how you pronounce it? We might as well announce it! Forever we're together we're stuck!

Mickey: Even though I'm a mouse

Minnie: And I'm a duck!

Minnie: I'm a duck? Mickey, what is this?

Mickey: Just go to the bridge! Caramel!

Minnie: Caramel!

Mickey: New Orleans!

Minnie: New Orleans!

Mickey: St. Louis!

Minnie: St. Louis, see?

Mickey: Yeah, um, lever!

Minnie: Lever!

Mickey: Caribbean?

Minnie: Caribbean!

Mickey: Paris, you say parie!

Minnie: Oh!

Mickey: Now I say root.

Minnie: Uh-huh.

Mickey: And you say route!

Minnie: Okay.

Mickey: Don't you poot!

Minnie: I think you mean pout! (Giggles) I got it now! I figured it out!

Both: And as long as we're together, It doesn't matter whether, we're never ever down on our luck, 'Cause we're friends!

Mickey: Me the mouse

Minnie: Ha! And I'm a duck! (Speaking) I can't believe I did it! How was that?

Mickey: (Speaking) Swell! Real swell.

Minnie: Quack, quack!

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