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Recent blog posts

  • Paige EM

    Going the Extra Milo There was hardly any time between each problem. Much of the wagered food was junk food. Sunny Side Up I liked the egg puns. Rooting for the Enemy Why was Milo happy that the Geckos were going to lose? Foam fingers are for baseball, not football. The Note Doesn’t Elliot know that Milo is from a family of (male) jinxes? Party of Peril You cannot spring a rib cage. Smooth Opera-tor A perfectionist (Amanda) would never date a jinx (Milo). There used to be empty seats on either side of Am…

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  • Bertie11

    So I’m kinda working on this big project (I’ll reveal it soon) and I need some dinosaurs that are traditionally animated and are Disney. They also have to be antagonists. It would be nice if I was informed of some Disney predator dinosaurs (not just the Rex from Fantasia). Raptors I especially need. Please no Good Dinosaur or Disney’s Dinosaur since they are CGI.

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  • Zobman64

    Will Smith comes right out of the magic lamp in this scene from Aladdin. See if you agree.

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  • A Spy in Concealment

    Ladies and gentlemen.

    😔It is with deep regret and sadness that I inform you that legendary comedian and actor, Tim Conway...had passed away a couple days ago. The cause of his death was complications of normal pressure hydrocephalus, and he was 85 years of age when he died, living from December 15, 1933 to May 14, 2019.

    Conway, I hope you’re resting peacefully.

    I’m never going to forget how much of a genius you were when it came to comedy, with your work in “The Apple Dumpling Gang”, “The Carol Bu…

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  • ZalmanTheMan

    I would like to thank Carson Van Osten for getting me into all this Disney stuff. It's quite fun to learn about everything in the Disney franchise. Thanks man.

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  • Draco9904

    I'm bored. So I'm going to fan-cast the inevitable upcoming Disney live-actions that have yet to be officially be announced or in active development, at least at the time of writing this in 2019. I'm not going to fill out all the characters, just the ones I do have suggestions for. So let's fan-cast these suckers! Feel free to leave your own suggestions.

    • Mia Goth as Snow White
    • Kate Winslet or Kate Beckinsale as The Queen
    • Taron Egerton as The Prince
    • Peter Dinklage, Warwick Davis, Tony Cox, Danny Woo…

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  • Simonsmurd
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  • Thepanzer935


    May 12, 2019 by Thepanzer935


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  • Tile Denial

    Toy Story 4 stuff

    May 11, 2019 by Tile Denial

    I know it's only a month until Toy Story 4 is released but I just like to tell you some stuff about it. According to this, Toy Story 4 is set to have a runtime of 1hr and 29 minutes, which is shame because I was hoping for it to be as long as the third film. But it pretty much proves that Pixar couldn't think of anything else to put in it. Another thing I want to talk about is this. I don't see why Pixar couldn't wait until AFTER the film was released in theaters because releasing a book for th…

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  • Dillonjames06

    While I was listening to the 'Cars' soundtrack recently, it sadly dosen't have all the scores. I was hoping the 'Cars FYC promo album' would have every single one of the missing scores, but it dosen't have the score cues where Sheriff chases McQueen, when McQueen finds out about Doc's Piston Cups, or when Doc tells McQueen about his past.

    But, what if Randy Newman really releases the complete score of 'Cars'?!

    1. Opening Race (FYC promo album)
    2. McQueen's Dinoco Daydream (missing score)
    3. Victory Lane (miss…

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