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Recent blog posts

  • Princess Lillian Audrey Elizabeth

    When Benjamin Franklin Gates finds the treasure, he gets infected with a horrible sickness--the same one that poisoned the mind of Thorin. It is called Dragon Sickness.

    Ben stood up and handed Sadusky the Declaration of Independence. 

    "Just like that?" Sadusky asked.

    "Yeah, just like that," Ben said, his face happy and peppy. "Gold, gold, gold! AND MORE GOLD! Tons of gold!"

    "Interesting," Sadusky said. "Let's divide the gold among the people."

    "Good idea!" Ben said. "Now, I will tell you what to do!…

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  • Eszterrrka

    Hey! Let's speak about the Disney movies' amazing, strong and independent woman leads. These girls are awesome, strong, brave, beautiful and ambitious. They inspirate a lot of young girls to chase their dreams. We have to speak about them today!

    This list is just my personal opinion and I would love to read your opinion, so please share it with me in a comment! There are too many amazing female characters, I didn't include villains (but for example Ursula would deserve a mentioning) and there ar…

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  • DisneyCWS

    Hello again. As I'm sure you're all aware, the teaser trailer for Frozen II has been released. I think it goes without saying that I'm a huge Frozen fan, so naturally I was interested to see what this teaser had to offer. If you haven't seen it, you can watch it here:

    To start us off, I'll begin by saying that I think this is an excellent teaser trailer. It doesn't give us much plot detail, but it's got people asking questions (which I'll go…

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  • Felixthefox
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  • MysticCanines'Heroine732

    This wouldn't be based on any book at all this would be respect the old days of the Celtic states such as Scotland and Ireland. Tapestries of unicorns plus Scotland's flag, and then let the magical adventure be the triplets go on their own the see the witch and get the food that'll turn them into bear cubs, so they can hurry to help Merida and Macintosh while they're trying to save a horse or pony from this magical horse cousin the Kelpie it could be Angus or a cousin from the wild.

    The film co…

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  • 21EvanED155508

    Silly Question

    February 11, 2019 by 21EvanED155508

    How many princesses with primary roles can you have in one Disney movie? Because for example, would 12 Princesses from "Twelve Dancing Princesses fairytale." would be too much to add to the DP Franchise? I'm just asking because I'm doing a project that features 6-9 princesses in my planned movie project "World Adventurers."

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  • Eszterrrka

    Hey everybody! In today's post I mix two things I adore: Disney and The Selection series. So today we'll speak about in which Caste would be the characters from some Disney movies in Illéa.

    Who doesn't know what am I talking about I try to explain it. Just think about India's former Caste System! In Kiera Cass's The Selection book series there are eight Castes. Their name is so easy:

    One: The royalty and religious figures.

    Two: Celebrities; including athletes, singers, actors/actresses, models, p…

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  • PlsHelpmMeToCreate329


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  • MysticCanines'Heroine732

    Some of my Dhole ideas come from science, or conservation company speech but some of them from my creativity  increasing while I study a subject. My dhole ideas relate to stuff like the Ice Age, The ways dholes could befriend some of the Disney Princesses, plus entertainment and accessory items Disney could sell if his company started showing the poor dholes more respect. This isn't me complaining about their scenes or plans of the live-action sequel, this is me sincerely sayint what I can beca…

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  • UnknownMeme2

    Who is this?

    February 6, 2019 by UnknownMeme2

    On the all-new French Toy Story 4 poster, there is a mysterious character standing on Bo Peep's shoulder in which we know NOTHING about. This strange character is mostly likely to be in Toy Story 4 but the questions are WHO is she and WHY is she on Bo Peep's shoulder? Maybe she and Bo Peep are soul mates or something? I don't exactly know, really. But if this character was gonna appear in the film, then shouldn't it be on Twitter or something? All we know for sure that it is a really small toy …

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