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Mediterranean Harbor is the entrance "port-of-call" and themed as the fictional Italian port city Porto Paradiso, and is home to Venetian gondolas that guests can board and ride.


Littered throughout the port are various shops and restaurants. Mediterranean Harbor's layout differs from the entry "lands" of other Disney parks as it is a large "V" shape rather than a main street that leads to a hub (as found in Disneyland's Main Street, U.S.A. or Disney's Hollywood Studios' Hollywood Boulevard). If followed to the right, the path leads to Mysterious Island, while if followed to the left, the path leads to the American Waterfront. Built into the architecture in this port is the Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta.

The hotel itself serves as a full-scale reproduction of the various buildings of Portofino and Venice's ports. The design choice of combining a real hotel within the themed park areas helps to further the illusion that (as either a park or hotel guest) you are in the actual city; since the hotel is a functioning building (rather than a 'set facade' -- the general standard in theme park designs) the hotel guests that may peek out from the hotel's rooms, balconies, and terraces serve in adding an almost surreal level of kinetic authenticity in passing for an authentic Italian villa for park visitors, while the hotel guest enjoys the harborside views and novelty of location. Additionally, the Hotel MiraCosta also serves as the southern berm (or border) of the park.

Mediterranean Harbor also features attractions such as the Fortress Explorations which is a meticulously themed, large-scale interactive play area for guests that features exploration themed activities and attractions: The Legend of Mythica, a twenty-five minute show located on the harbor, Fantasmic!, which premiered on April 28, 2011, as part of the park's 10th anniversary celebration, and "Be Magical!", a nighttime spectacular also situated on the harbor that uses special barges, fountains, pyro effects, Disney Characters and fireworks.




  • The Leonardo Challenge (2001-2009)



  • DisneySea Maritime Band (2001–Present)
  • Italian Flag Squad (2001–Present)
  • Mayor of Porto Paradiso (2001–Present)
  • Living Statues (2001–Present)
  • Singing Gondoliers (2001–Present)
  • The Alchemist (2001–Present)
  • Buccaneer Brigands (2001–Present)



  • Disney in the Stars (2010)
  • BraviSEAmo! (2004-2011)
  • Lido Isle Meet & Smile (2005-2006)
  • Meet & Smile (2006-2007; "Sea of Dreams" 5th Anniversary)
  • Be Magical! (2011-2012; "Be Magical" 10th Anniversary)
  • Crystal Wishes Journey (2016-2017; "Year of Wishes" 15th Anniversary)
  • Crystal Wishes Journey: Shine On! (2017; "Year of Wishes" 15th Anniversary)
  • Minnie's Wishing Ring (2005; "Dramatic TDS 2005" 4th Anniversary)
  • Trio Melodia (2006-2010)
  • Aladdin's Whole New World (2005)
  • Fantasmic! (2011-2020; "Be Magical!" 10th Anniversary)
  • Lido Isle Welcome to Spring (2012–2014; Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage)






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