Megan Uno is a recurring character in the animated television program, Lloyd in Space. She is Brittany Boviak's best friend.



Megan was born to Mr. and Mrs. Uno sometime in the year X14. She attended Woxagon Elementary School in X21. Here, she is already shown to be the best friend of Brittany Boviak. When Rodney tripped the new kid Lloyd Nebulon and made him look like a fool, Megan, along with most of the kids in the classroom, laughed at him and, in the future, she would see him as a loser. She became one of the popular kids alongside Brittany over the next seven years.


Like Brittany and many of the other popular girls, Megan is rude and snobby, even more, snobby than Brittany on most occasions. Megan is probably even more superficial that Brittany when it comes to boys as she could not figure out why Brittany would fall in love with Lloyd and she herself fell in love with Kurt's body, rather than Kurt himself. Megan, like Brittany, is friendly to any girl in Luna Vista regardless whether they're popular or not, but is only friendly with boys who are considerably cool.



  • Mr. Uno
  • Mrs. Uno

Episode Appearances

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Season Four


  • "Like Ew!!! Loser!"
  • (To Lloyd) "Sorry, no comprende dorkanese!"


  • Megan Uno is voiced by Rachel Crane.
  • In "Lloyd's Lost Weekend", you can see her watching "Misty the Homesick Snorky Puff 3". So apparently, she likes baby movies.
  • Megan's last name, "Uno", is Spanish for the word "one", and one is an odd number before number two.
  • Megan's last name is also the last name of Nigel Uno a.k.a. Numbuh 1 from "Codename: Kids Next Door".


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