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Meilin "Mei" Lee is the protagonist of DisneyPixar's upcoming 2022 animated feature film, Turning Red.



Mei Lee is a confident, dorky thirteen-year-old torn between staying her mother's dutiful daughter and the chaos of adolescence. Whenever her emotions get the better of her (whether it be getting too excited or too scared), she turns into a giant red panda, forcing her to calm herself in order to change back. Before receiving her power she was carefree, reckless, and didn't really care what people thought of her; after receiving her power, she is way more cautious of how she acts, afraid that she will unleash her red panda form.

Physical appearance

As a human, Mei has fair skin, light brown eyes, and neck-length, red hair (formerly black before it turned red). She wears silver glasses, a teal barrette, with two magenta barrettes on the other side of her hair, yellow star earrings, and a black choker. Her outfit consists of a sweatshirt with a light red and dark red lacy-like design at the top, light pink collar, and pink buttons. She wears an indigo or denim colored box pelt skirt with fuchsia ankle-length tights, pink socks, and gray and pink sneakers. Some parts of her red panda form reveals in her human form at times

In the trailer, she is seen wearing a red beanie with light red stripes with maple leaves in between them.

Her pajamas consist of a white t-shirt that has a red maple leaf in the middle with red lines on the collar and end of the sleeves, and pink gym shorts. All of her head accessories are off, including her glasses.

As a red panda, she has a large round head and a short dark brown nose that is in front of a white muzzle that begins from her nose and ends with her mouth her face also includes additional white tear tracks starting from where her zygomatic bone is to the corner of her chin, and though maybe not visible, she has dark brown/black lips. Her teeth are pointier than her human form, however she bears the same reddish brown eyes from her human form her eyebrows however are white and thick, and she has white messy whiskers. She has large, white, pointed ears that are red from behind. Her coat is reddish-brown fading to a dark brown when moving further to her arms and legs, while having a brown swirl on her upper arms. Her hands have dark brown paws with small black claws in them. She has a long, bushy tail with alternating dark red and light red rings. When mad, her form slightly alters, with her head fur pointing upwards, her eyebrows having a more pointed shape, her fangs being sharp, and her eyes having a yellow color.



  • Mei Lee is not only the third Pixar protagonist who wears glasses, but the first female protagonist to do so.
  • Mei will be the fifth female protagonist in a Pixar feature film, succeeding after Merida from Brave, Joy from Inside Out, Dory from Finding Dory, and Elastigirl from Incredibles 2. She will also be the first female Pixar protagonist of an original story since Joy, as Dory and Elastigirl were both the protagonists of sequels.
  • Mei will be the first Asian protagonist in a Pixar movie.
  • Mei can turn into her red panda form not only when excited, but also situations that heightens her adrenaline (She can also switch to her red panda form just as easily as she can change to her human form).
  • Before Mei's hair was red, it was black. Her hair changing color is because of her red panda form having to do any effect with the color.
  • With the film being set sometime in the early 2000s (specifically in either 2002 or 2003) and since Mei is established as being 13 years old, this would mean that she was born at some point between 1989 and 1990.
  • As seen in the trailer, Mei might have worn her red beanie to hide the change of color in her hair.
  • As explained by her mother, the only reason she has this power is though a mystical connection with red pandas.

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