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Melody is an educational Adventures in Music animated short film produced by Walt Disney Productions, and originally released to theaters by RKO Radio Pictures on May 28, 1953. It features Professor Owl teaching and conducting his music class, which is a colorful choir of adult-voiced bird children, about melody and its importance to the world of music. It's all around in nature. Only birds and man can sing; man "sings" even when he speaks. We see a quick survey of the stages of life, as captured by songs: the Alphabet Song for primary school, "Here Comes the Bride," "The Old Gray Mare," etc. Some inspirations for song are outlined in song (such as love, sailing, trains, the West and motherhood, inspired by a trio of three canaries--the Canary Sisters), but a pinfeather of the choir named Penelope states that we never, ever sing about brains. Finally, an example is shown of how a simple melody can be expanded into a symphony: an elaborate version of the simple tune which opened the lesson. Despite Disney's claims implying that this was the first 3-D cartoon, it was actually just Disney's first attempt at three-dimensional animation.


Professor Owl teaches his music class, which is an adult-voiced choir of bird children, about melody and its importance to the world of music. Features the song "The Bird and the Cricket and the Willow Tree".





  • Donald's Quack Attack, episode #4.
  • Mickey's Mouse Tracks, episode #27.



  • In some airings on The Disney Channel, Bertie Birdbrain's use of the word "Injun" is removed.