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"Melody Time" is the main title theme song of the 1948 film of the same name. It is sung by the main narrator and host, Buddy Clark (the Master of Ceremonies, an anthropomorphic theatre mask), followed by a trio of backup singers (three anthropomorphic theatre masks).


Backup Singers: Melody Time.... Melody Time...

Offscreen Singer:
Melody Time
It's time to swing along
To a happy land of song
Where love is the thing
Melody Time
It's time for sweet romance
Won't you give your heart a chance
Join in and sing?

(Backup Singers: Join in and sing)

Take a tip from the birds you don't need words

(Backup Singers: No words!)

For music has charm
It's the language of love
When your love's in your arms
Rhythm and rhyme
Sure help a heart along
So come on and sing a song

(with backup singers) It's Melody Time!

Backup Singers: It's Melody Time!

Master of Ceremonies: (spoken) Yes, it's Melody Time. Time to hitch your wagon to a song, cause a song is the one and only thing.
To take you over the rainbow to the land where music is king.
So come on and join in the fun.
There's something here for everyone.
You'll find rhythm and romance, reason and rhyme, something ridiculous...

(sings) Something sublime...

Backup Singers:
Oh, you can't go wrong
If you swing along
With melody, harmony
Come to the jubilee...

Master of Ceremonies and Backup Singers: It's Melody Time!

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