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Melville (AKA: Fisherman Melville) Is the owner of Melville's Massive Mizzenmast Mart in Lighthouse Lane, Donald's Dock he hosts Fishing Tournaments for Toontown.


Melville likes fishing, and he challenges Toons from all over Toontown to catch the most fish in each Rod Category. The Top 20 Toons in each category will win a Prize for their Toon.


Melville will give Toons a Toontask for a Teleport Access to Donald's Dock.


Avast ye! I be Captain Melville, king of the seven seas, and proprietor of Melville's Massive Mizzenmast Mart. Business isn't too good - landlubbers don't know a good mizzenmast when they see one. When I get enough ballast, though, I'll sail from Donald's Dock to points unknown! Mayhaps I'll find the Island of Lost Gags, or the Secret Underwater Cog HQ. Cogs are scurvy scum! The only thing worse is landlubber jokes about me being a "sea horse" - Argh!


  • On his Toontown trading card, Melville is orange, and is riding in a crow's nest on green waters with two mechanical shark fins in the area. His flag is a white triangle with a Corporate Raider's face crossed out in red.
  • On the Corporate Raider's trading card, the flag flown has Melville's face crossed out with a red X.
  • His name is a clear reference to Herman Melville.
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